Are you looking for the hottest toys for Christmas? Be sure to put a few of these top toys for boys on your shopping list.

Top Christmas 2014 Toys for Boys

Are you looking for the hottest toys for Christmas? Whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for your son, grandson, or nephew, you'll want to give him something that will provide hours of fun and spark his creativity. When you're Christmas shopping this year, be sure to put a few of these top toys on your list.

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Action Figures

Imaginative play helps kids develop problem-solving skills and helps with language development, and many little boys love using action figures to get their imaginations going. Toy soldiers are a classic gift, but you can also find animals, trains, cars, and more. If you're looking for a whole set of action figures, shop for In Toobs action figures, which make excellent stocking stuffers.

Toy Vehicles

Whether it's because of nature or nurture, little boys often love toy vehicles. And since they can be played with in many different ways, toy cars, trucks, and trains provide endless opportunities for imaginative play. From racing cars on a track to playing "mechanic" on a truck, your little boy will find countless ways to enjoy this toy. Choose larger trucks for young children, and smaller race cars and model trains for older kids.
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Remote Control Toys

From cars to planes, remote control toys are a favorite Christmas gift for boys every year. For younger kids, choose RC toys that are already assembled and have a simple remote. For kids ages 14 and up, as well as for adult hobbyists, look for kits that will let them build their own RC toys.

Fort Sets & Play Tents

Kids love having a secret hiding place, and forts are the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles, from bed tents to build-a-fort sets. Choose an indoor play tent if you want something he can play in when the weather is bad, or choose an outdoor play tent if you want something that can be set up in the backyard.

Mega Bloks

Featuring a variety of characters that children love, Mega Bloks have become a popular brand of building blocks. Many of the sets have a design that is easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use, while other Mega Bloks sets are designed for children ages 8 and up, so you'll want to check the age recommendation when you're shopping.
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Perfect for getting around the neighborhood, scooters are available in models that are suited for children as young as 3 years old and up to adults. For younger children, look for small, plastic scooters. For older kids and adults who want to do tricks, you'll want to shop for metal scooters. For older kids who need a quick way to get to school, look for electric scooters.
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