Shopping for your baby's first Christmas can be a fun way to make sure she has the toys she needs to help with her development.

Top Baby Toys for Christmas 2014

Shopping for your baby's first Christmas can be a fun way to make sure she has the toys she needs to help with her development. To give her all the support she needs from the beginning, start her out with the best baby toys, things that will stimulate her mind and give her ways to exercise her growing body. With these top baby toys in her nursery, she'll be ready to begin a lifetime of playing and learning.

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Activity Gyms

Activity gyms give little babies the perfect place to play. Hanging toys stimulate their eyes and give them something to reach for and giggle at. Some even have music players built in. Choose a padded play mat if you need a good spot for your baby to spend tummy time, which helps your baby develop neck strength and gets her a break from being on her back.
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Push Toys

Babies who are 6 months to 1 year old are getting ready to stand up and maybe even take a few tentative steps. Push toys can help your baby stay steady as she starts to walk, and many make delightful noises to encourage her to keep moving. If your baby isn't quite to that stage, choose a push toy that has activities she can use while seated on the floor.

Shape Sorters & Ring Stackers

Stackers can be played with starting at 4 months old, but it will be a few months before some of the concepts make sense to your baby; she may want to just grab and chew the rings at first, which is important for development, too. Babies who are about 15 months old are ready to try shape sorters. Both of these toys develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape identification, an early math skill. Play these games with your baby and tell her the name of the shapes or talk about the colors. Help her with them at first, and then let her work on getting them into the right spot through trial and error.


At 6 months old, your baby is probably starting to get her first teeth, and a fair amount of pain can come along with them. Give your baby a teether to chew on to help alleviate the pain. Choose one that is visually stimulating. You can even find ones that make a squeaky sound to help entertain her. Teethers are a cute stocking stuffer for a baby.
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Toy "Electronics"

Baby versions of cell phones and remote controls are popular because they let babies try out the objects their parents use without any chance of breaking the real things. The baby toy versions also do things the real objects don't do, like light up and play simple songs. These little toys are perfect for keeping in a diaper bag to pull out whenever your baby needs some stimulation.

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