Top 5 Ways to Wear Ruffles

by Brooke Bartlett


Ruffles are a great way to add feminine touches to your wardrobe. Whether you like simple ruffles on your handbag or a ruffled skirt to wear to work or to a party, this fashion classic is an elegant accent for women's clothing. These tips will help you wear ruffled clothing in five stylish ways.

Wearing Ruffles 5 Ways:

  1. Jackets: Ruffles can soften sturdy jackets or blazers, especially when the gathers of fabric accent the edges or lapel of the garment. Women who want to project a strong, authoritative stance while still wearing feminine clothing will love the playful look of a ruffled jacket at work. For an evening out, a ruffled jacket looks great with jeans and ankle boots.

  2. Blouses: Ruffled blouses are an easy way to look glamorous and put-together. Try a simple pair of trousers or a pencil skirt with a top with flowy fabric gathered at the neck. Make a more subtle statement with a top that has ruffles only at the cuffs or around the hem. If you prefer clean, classic looks, update your go-to white button-down shirt by replacing it with a blouse that has small, tight ruffles only on the collar. Ruffled tops also look great with jeans or dress pants.

  3. Skirts or dresses: Whether it features a single, bouncy ruffle above the hem or makes a bold statement with cascades of tiered ruffles, a perfectly fitted ruffled skirt can be a show-stopper. If you keep the ruffle trend simple, your ruffled skirt can go from office to cocktail party without missing a beat. Ruffled dresses are also feminine and modern. To select a more conservative style, choose a ruffled dress in a dark color or one with a ruffled neckline or hem instead of cascading ruffles.

  4. Shoes: While ruffled shoes may not be the first thing you think of, they are a perfect way to add flair to any outfit in a subdued way. Boots with a tight ruffle that goes from toe to calf are versatile, and flats or pumps with a ruffled flower hit the mark for day or night. Ruffled shoes look great with jeans or even with casual dresses.

  5. Accessories: If you want to add ruffles without overhauling your entire closet, accessories offer the perfect opportunity to update your look. Ruffled handbags, scarves, brooches, and even jewelry can add pretty touches to your outfits. Find a ruffled handbag made of leather or vinyl for an cool, eclectic look.

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