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Top 5 Uses of Steam Cleaners

by Maegan Crandall

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Does your home cleaning routine need to be simplified? If you spend a lot of time polishing your floors, shining your windows and deodorizing your upholstery, then you can benefit from a time-saving steam cleaner. Steam cleaners create a concentrated stream of heat, allowing you tackle cleaning projects throughout your home. Consider these five favorite uses of steam cleaners when trying to decide if one will benefit you.

Steam Cleaner Uses:

  1. Perfect no-wait floors: Steam cleaners are a favorite for their ability to get floors shiny and bacteria-free without the waiting associated with traditional mopping. Steam neutralizes sticky messes and kills germs, but dries quickly, so you don't have to tip-toe in and out of the kitchen for 30 minutes after mopping. You'll also save money when you steam-clean your floors because you won't have to buy additional cleaning solutions or disposable mopping pads.

  2. Easy wrinkle-banishing: If you hate to iron, then you need a steam cleaner with an apparel attachment. Steaming your wrinkly clothes is fast and simple. After doing laundry, hang your wrinkled clothes on hangers or a clothing rack and steam them all at once before putting them away. You can also steam your shirts and dresses quickly on the day you want to wear them.

  3. Sparkling windows: If you hate spraying and wiping your windows and mirrors, then squeegee them with a steam cleaner. Steam removes unsightly build-up with very little effort, and you'll save money and the Earth by not using a roll of paper towels each time you need to clean windows.

  4. Fresh upholstery: If you can't throw your couch cover in the washing machine, then steam cleaning it is the next best thing. Banish odors from your furniture, car and carpet with the upholstery attachment on a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are more effective than fabric sprays for tackling pet and food odors, and they don't leave a heavy floral scent behind.

  5. Tackling hard-to-reach spots: Everyone has those little corners and cracks in their home that are difficult to clean. Maybe yours is the spot behind your kitchen sink or the corners in your shower. A steam cleaner with a narrow nozzle will direct pressurized steam at small corners, allowing you to effectively clean and sanitize the narrow spots throughout your house.

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