Top 5 Unique Watch Styles



Just because a watch is a classic accessory staple doesn't mean it has to be boring. Many watches are statement-making timepieces that will get noticed wherever you go. If you're looking for a watch that stands out but don't know where to start, try one of these top five unique watch styles.

5 Unique Watch Styles:

  1. Skeleton watches: Like the name suggests, skeleton watches showcase the inner workings of a mechanical wristwatch. A glass-encased face allows wearers and admirers to see the precise detailing that makes a quality watch run smoothly. These stunning watches are fascinating to look at and are sure to make a statement wherever you choose to wear them.

  2. Colored watches: If you're looking for something more playful than the average wristwatch, colored watches fit the bill. The most prominent feature of colored watches is generally their brightly hued rubber straps, providing a flashy design that is also extremely durable. If you love the idea of a colored watch but want to keep it subtle, you may want to look at watches with colored faces. You'll get the same pop of color in a smaller format. Since these watches come in both sport watch and dress watch styles, they are ideal for almost any occasion.

  3. Dual-face watches: Can't decide between Roman numerals and classic numbers? Don't worry; you don't have to. Dual-face watches offer split-screen faces for an unexpected design detail that sets it apart from other casual watches. These hybrid watches also come in a futuristic analog/digital watch format.

  4. Pocket watches: Pocket watches have a distinguished look that harkens back to the days of old-fashioned time telling. Pocket watches are a great option for men who love the look of a historical timepiece and still want a fully functional watch. Modern pocket watches with rugged details, like leather straps and protective cases, add an unexpected twist to the original luxury watch.

  5. Cuff watches: Thick leather straps are the defining characteristic of laid-back cuff watches. These edgy watches are often produced by designer watch brands and can be polished and sleek or distressed and relaxed. Cuff watches can be perfectly paired with a T-shirt and jeans for the man who wants to show off his trendy taste in wristwatches.

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