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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Designer Jeans



Jeans are a wardrobe staple, and a good pair of jeans will make you look great every time you wear them. It's not always easy to find that perfect pair, however. If you're struggling to find a pair of jeans that fit well, consider buying designer jeans. While designer clothing is generally more expensive, the clothes are often worth the price.

Reasons to Buy Designer Jeans:

  1. Quality: From the fabric itself to sewing methods and design, designer jeans are typically the best quality jeans you can buy. While other denim companies use cheap materials and cut and sew the pants in mass, designer denim is made of the best fabrics, and most are cut and sewn individually. Designer jeans will usually last much longer than other jeans without fading or wearing out, even if they're worn nearly every day.

  2. Style: A large part of the appeal of wearing designer apparel is the style. Wearing designer is the easiest way to keep up with trends, and with designer jeans, you can stay current on the latest and hottest trends in denim. Most designers will come out with new lines each season to add to their classic lines.

  3. Fit: The high-quality construction of designer and brand-name denim ensures that the jeans will fit well. The jeans are not only designed to fit well, but you can oftentimes find styles designed to fit specific body types. In contrast, mass-produced jeans are usually designed in one style that doesn't fit every body. In addition, the high-quality fabrics of designer jeans conform to your body, so the jeans fit even better over time rather than shrinking or losing their shape.

  4. Sizing: In addition to a better fit, designer jeans have more accurate sizing. Most basic jeans you buy at the store are sized on a sizing scale with predetermined widths and lengths. This often leaves jeans either too long or too short in the leg. Designer jeans, however, are often sized by both waist and inseam measurements, so you can find the right size for your body.

  5. Consistency: Most mass-production denim companies are continually looking for ways to create a less expensive product. While this saves you money, it also creates inconsistencies in size, fit, and fabric. Many people choose to buy designer denim simply to avoid this. Designers will use the same fabrics and techniques year after year to provide a consistent product. Find out more about buying the best jeans with our jeans buying guide.

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