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Top 5 Reasons to Own a Futon

by Staff Writer

Black leather futon

You may have heard that futons are great pieces of furniture, but do you ever wonder why they're considered classics? Besides coming in a variety of fabrics and colors, futons blend perfectly into almost any room, be it the bedroom, living room or den. These functional pieces of furniture are also suitable for every age. It's no wonder futons are popular; these handy pieces of furniture can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to the reasons already listed, here are the top five reasons to own a futon.

Reasons to Own a Futon:

  1. Futons are versatile. Futons can double as both a sofa and a bed. This handy feature makes them the perfect living room furniture in a casual setting or convenient extra seating in a study or TV room. Unexpected guests will always have a comfortable place to sleep when you own a versatile futon. Your futon can provide the extra seats needed at your next party or family get-together. You can even change your futon's appearance by investing in several different types of futon covers. When the urge to redecorate hits you, all you'll have to do is change the color or fabric of your futon with a futon cover.

  2. Futons are affordable. Because they're made of simple materials and don't have a heavy frame like a couch or the metal springs of traditional mattresses, futons are usually less expensive than a bed or couch. Futons are an excellent two-for-one purchase.

  3. Futons are durable. They're designed to last through the wear and tear that comes with sitting and sleeping, so you can count on your futon to last.

  4. Futons are easy to assemble, disassemble and relocate. Most futons ship in easy-to-assemble pieces and can be assembled with just a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Plus, they're just as easy to take apart again to move to another room or house. Many futons are lightweight, so if you just need to move one from one side of the room to another, all you have to do is pick up your futon and put it down where you want it.

  5. Futons come in many different styles. These styles even include bunk-bed setups with a regular bed on top and a futon on the bottom. Pick from a variety of metal, wood or leather futons and find one that fits your personal style.

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