Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Play Yard


There's a lot of gear that you can buy when you're having a baby. Some items, like car seats and diapers, are a necessity, while others are simply there to make having and caring for a baby a little easier. When you're going over your list of activity gear to buy, you may want to consider purchasing a play yard. It's not a necessity, but one can certainly help parents and baby alike. Here are a few reasons why a play yard may be right for you and your little one.

Why Buy a Play Yard:

  1. Hands-free time for you: Being a new parent takes a lot of work. You need to balance caring for your baby with the rest of your life's responsibilities. Every parent needs some hands-free time to take care of things around the house. A play yard provides a safe place for your baby to play and nap while still keeping her close by and safe.

  2. Educational play for baby: Many play yards come equipped with various toys and mobiles for your baby to look at and play with. Interactions like these are essential to your baby's development of sight, sound, and motor skills. Play yards with mobiles also expose your children to stimuli at a young age, helping their senses develop, all while keeping them entertained.

  3. Mobility around the house: When you have to move from room to room in your house, you don't want to leave your baby behind unattended. If your baby is happily at play or asleep in a play yard, it's easy to move them with you. Most play yards come equipped with lockable wheels that let them roll around, but also keep them solidly in place when locked. Whether you're in the kitchen, bedroom, family room, or laundry room, you can keep a better eye on your child with a transportable play yard.

  4. Ease of traveling: Whether you're headed away for the weekend or just spending the afternoon at a family member or a friend's house, you'll want to have a safe place for your baby to sleep and play. A play yard provides just that. They're easy to disassemble, pack up, and set up wherever you are. You can buy travel mattresses to place in them to make them more comfortable for overnight stays, too.

  5. Versatility for growing babies: Many play yards are designed with an attached bassinet that can later be removed as your baby grows. This makes them extremely versatile and one of the pieces of baby gear you'll get the most use out of. When your child is an infant, the basinet is a comfortable, safe place for her to sleep. As she grows, the basinet can be removed and she can sleep and play in the main portion of the play yard.

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