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Top 5 Places to Use Your Portable Crib

by Andrea Sparks

Portable crib in a nursery

Plain and simple, one crib is not enough; your baby needs a portable crib, too. You may be wondering why you need two cribs. Life would certainly be a lot simpler if you could stay at home all day with your little one, but there's always something to keep you busy. This is exactly when a portable crib will come in handy. A portable crib gives you the freedom of not being tied to your home crib when your baby gets sleepy. There are many places to use portable cribs, but the following list can help you determine the best times and places to pull out the portable.

Where to Use a Portable Crib:

  1. Grandma's house: Grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, so you'll likely spend a lot of time with your parents when you have a new baby. Naptime comes when it comes, however, even at Grandma's house. Taking a portable crib along lets you put your baby down for a nap so she can be all smiles when spoiling time rolls around.

  2. Camping: Camping with your baby can be a lot easier than you may think, especially when you take a portable crib along with you. Since portable cribs are easy to pack up and set up, you can throw one in the back of your car along with the sleeping bags and bug spray. At your campsite, set the portable crib up right inside your tent to keep your baby close and safe in the great outdoors.

  3. Baby sitter's: When you're going to dinner or catching a movie, you want to make sure you leave your precious little one with someone you trust. Whether it's a relative, a friend or a neighbor, whomever you leave your baby with should understand your baby's sleeping schedule. To make things easier for both the baby sitter and your baby, take a portable crib. This gives the baby sitter a place to put your baby down for a nap and gives your baby a familiar bed, even in unfamiliar settings.

  4. Vacation: Portable cribs are ideal for those times when the family takes a vacation. Since portable cribs usually fold up to a convenient, compact shape, perfect for taking on the plane or in the car. When it's time for a nap or snuggling in for the night, set your portable crib up right in your hotel room.

  5. Your own kitchen: One of the best places to use a portable crib is in your own home, especially when you're busy whipping up three dozen cupcakes for the upcoming bake sale. When you want to keep your little guy within sight during naptime or he's just not happy with his playpen or bouncer chair, set up your portable crib in the kitchen, your bedroom, the TV room or any other room in the home. This way, you can keep an eye on your baby while he sleeps and plays and you can get a few things done, too.

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