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Top 5 Jewelry Fashion Trends

by Staff Writer

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Jewelry is one of best ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and chic. For centuries, jewelry has been used to add interest and depth to outfits and to enhance various types of looks. From necklaces to rings, jewelry can be used to express your individual style and indulge in a variety of new and exciting fashion trends. In order to choose the best fashion jewelry for your seasonal wardrobe, it is important to be aware of current jewelry fashion trends. The following list will get you up to date on the top five fashion jewelry trends.

Fashion Jewelry Trends:

  1. Precious gems and diamonds: Authentic gems and stones mixed with high-quality metals, such as platinum, gold or silver, never go out of style. Gems create a sophisticated and unique image. Gems and diamonds can be considered an investment because they can gain value as time progresses. Try a new cocktail ring with an authentic quartz or onyx stone, or invest in a timeless diamond tennis bracelet.

  2. Costume jewelry: Fashion jewelry is budget-friendly and beautiful. The most recent trend features bulky and large geometric pieces. The bigger and brighter the individual pieces are, the better. Chunky-style jewelry is designed to make a statement, and you're sure to turn heads with these fabulous pieces. Look for colorful cuff bracelets and necklaces with clusters of dangling charms and pendants.

  3. Handmade jewelry: The most popular handmade jewelry includes beaded jewelry and wire-wrapped jewelry. This type of world jewelry is ornately detailed and adds unique character to any wardrobe. Braided leather jewelry is also fun. Handmade jewelry offers a unique and youthful Bohemian vibe.

  4. Mix-and-match jewelry sets: Mix-and-match sets are great to have as they can work with various outfit styles and trends. You can stack these sets to suit your own personal preference, creating a custom look that never gets boring. You can find mix-and-match necklaces, rings and watches or opt for earring and pendant sets with matching gemstones.

  5. Green jewelry: With everybody going green for the planet, it was only a matter of time before jewelry joined the eco-friendly party. Designers create jewelry from "green" or recycled materials, ensuring that you can be fashionable and environmentally conscious. Look for pendants and rings decorated with recycled glass or beads made from recycled magazines and newspapers.

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