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Top 5 Items to Store in a Nightstand

by Staff Writer

Dark wood storage nightstand

Keeping necessary items close to you on your nightstand is reassuring and convenient. When you need something, all you have to do is reach for the drawer in your bedside nightstand and voila! You have it in your hand without ever having to leave your warm bed. Nothing is more frustrating than having to frequently get out of bed to retrieve items after you've lain down for some rest. Make sure bedtime stays bedtime by keeping your bedside nightstand properly stocked with your must-have items. Take a look below to learn the top five items to store in a nightstand.

The Top 5 Nightstand Items:

  1. Toiletries or beauty treatments. A designated small bowl or plate for your jewelry will keep your special items from getting misplaced in the dark. If you have any pre-bed beauty rituals involving things like facial cloths, tissues, lotions or night creams, storing them in a nightstand will help you keep your beauty schedule on track and get the beauty sleep you want.

  2. Medical and health related items. A nightstand is the perfect place to keep your glasses for easy access when you get up the next morning. Also, keep any medications you take at night or first thing in the morning in your top drawer for easy access. Make it habit of taking them as soon as you get up or go to bed so you'll never forget them.

  3. Bedtime hobbies. Keep the book you've been reading or your current crossword puzzle close for easy access. Everything you need for journaling or knitting or even playing hand-held games can easily be stored in your nightstand drawers. Many people like to unwind a little before they go to sleep, and these hobbies are the perfect way to relieve a little stress before you get your shut-eye.

  4. Habit items. Whether it's the television remote, an eye mask or glass of water, make sure you keep such miscellany close by so you don't have to get out of bed while you're trying to relax. This will help you establish a successful sleep schedule and get the maximum amount of sleep that you need and want.

  5. Flashlight. Keep a flashlight in the top drawer of your nightstand in case of a power outage, burglary, fire or other emergency. Stay prepared and you'll have less stress in your life.

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