Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Kids



Because little kids get so excited about presents, finding the perfect gift can be extremely rewarding. When you have an idea of what to buy, holiday shopping for kids can be a lot of fun. These gift ideas will get you started.

Gifts for Kids:

  1. Interactive games and toys: For children, interaction is an important part of learning basic life and social skills. You have many gift ideas to choose from when it comes to interactive games and toys. Video games that encourage them to move or work as a team are good choices; consider a Nintendo Wii or Kinect for the Xbox 360. Age-appropriate board games are also popular gifts during the holiday season.

  2. Something personal: Personalizing holiday gifts is a great way to show kids that you care, and kids love to see their names on things. You can personalize almost anything. Buy something that represents your child personally or put her name on a backpack, purse, toy bag, sleeping bag, blanket, or hat. Patch kits are great for sewing names or interesting images onto tote bags or blankets. Engraving is also a good way to personalize a gift.

  3. Recreational gifts: Most kids could use some exercise, so get them moving with recreational gifts. Bicycles, ride-ons, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, and roller blades are all popular items for kids. Don't forget to buy helmets and pads to go with the gift. If it's an item the child has never used before, be sure to set aside some time to help them learn; the time you spend with them will be as much a part of the gift as the present they unwrap.

  4. Books: Children's books capture kids' imaginations and help them foster a healthy appetite for reading. Young children will enjoy picture books they can read on their own. If you'd like to give them books that you will enjoy reading to them, give them ones that you loved when you were their age. Sharing those classic stories is a gift that will last all year. Many older children love to follow a book series, so start them out with the first book or get them a full boxed set.

  5. Craft supplies: Kids' crafts are a great way to spark creativity in children. Kids can spend hours working on craft projects, and this may be a great way for them to spend their winter break, too. For smaller kids, look for simple crafts, like coloring kits. Older kids will like crafts that challenge them to develop skills; science activity kits or jewelry making kits would be perfect for them. You can get a kit full of assorted craft or you can gather items and custom build your own kit.

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