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Top 5 Gifts for Graduates Leaving Home


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Graduation is an exciting time when students receive their academic degrees and celebrate the accomplishment of completing school. Commencement ceremonies are traditionally held in spring and are a time for the graduating class to enjoy themselves. Yet the students are also busy preparing for that next step in life, which often involves living on their own for the first time. When you choose a graduation gift for a young adult, consider a gift that makes this life-changing transition easier.

5 Gifts for Grads:

  1. Bags: The person you're buying for may be heading off for more school or getting started in the working world. Either way, a bag to carry a laptop, books (or e-reader) and accessories is a great gift for a recent graduate. A sturdy backpack is a good choice for campus life, but a young man or woman just entering the workforce may want a briefcase or messenger bag that presents a professional appearance. Any bag needs to have secure, padded slots for laptops, tablets, e-readers and other popular electronic devices.

  2. Luggage: Every young person needs a good set of luggage so that they always have an appropriate suitcase for their travels and a convenient way to move clothing for relocations. A recent grad who will travel frequently for work will also get a lot of use out of a carry-on bag that matches the style of their briefcase or laptop case.

  3. Picture frames: Recent graduates are often on the move to a new location, and getting started at a new college or at a job in a new city can be scary as well as exciting. A few familiar images will provide comfort to them and make their dorm room or apartment feel like a home instead of a transitional space. A digital picture frame, which holds and displays a lot of images without taking up a lot of room, is a good gift for anyone who will be living in cramped quarters. Pretty photo frames don't take up much space either and offer the recipient a quick and easy way to decorate their new home.

  4. Bedding: The bed is often the focal point of a dorm room or studio apartment, so don't skip out on the style when you're choosing bedding. Have your college-bound child pick out a brightly colored comforter and some accent pillows to create a cheery atmosphere for studying and visiting with friends. College grads may want to take more time in designing a home decor scheme, so give them high-quality basic bedding, such as a white down comforter that will last for years. They can choose their own duvet covers for the comforter as their style evolves, and the down filling will keep them warm during the winter months.

  5. Recreation: All work and no play makes for an unhappy graduate. It's time for them to celebrate all their hard work, so the perfect graduation gift could be something tailored to their favorite recreational activities. Update and upgrade their sports equipment or outdoor gear, or buy them a new bicycle, which provides both recreation and convenient transportation.

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