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Top 5 Cocktail Ring Styles

by Maegan Crandall

A gorgeous black woman wearing a large silver floral cocktail ring

The days of modest bare fingers are gone. Large rings are no longer boastful and ostentatious; a cocktail ring is one of the best ways to express your great sense of style and personality. Though cocktail rings were once worn only with your very best tea-length dress to a very fancy party, modern cocktail rings are meant to wear to school with jeans and to work with summer skirts. You can choose from a variety of styles when looking at this type of jewelry, but consider our top five before diving in.

Top Cocktail Ring Styles:

  1. Gemstone: Gemstone cocktail rings are a true delight. Whether you choose diamond, aquamarine or turquoise embellishments on your cocktail ring, you will be adding a luxurious piece of jewelry to your collection. Choose a cocktail ring that features your birthstone for something both lovely and personal.

  2. Floral: Floral cocktail rings are among the trendiest pieces of jewelry at the moment. A ring with a big flower works for both young and mature fashionistas. Flowers made of fabric, sculpted out of metal and carved out of gemstones are all lovely additions to any ring wardrobe.

  3. Estate: Antique jewelry continues to hold its own against modern pieces thanks to its durability and unique flair. Estate cocktail rings are especially fun because they feature avant garde styles and one-of-a-kind embellishments. Choose an estate cocktail ring made of 18k gold and you'll be able to enjoy it now and pass it down to your daughter or granddaughter someday.

  4. Abstract: Cocktail rings offer a great way for you to express your individuality. If you love artistic jewelry and accessories, consider abstract cocktail rings. These rings feature sculptures and gemstones in interesting and eye-catching patterns to give your style a sense of the bizarre. Indulge in strange jewelry and enjoy being different.

  5. Novelty: Rings shaped like your favorite animal, insect or type of candy will truly diversify your jewelry collection. Choose something personal when shopping for novelty cocktail rings and you can show the world that you love kittens, look forward to happy hour or find skulls totally adorable. Your interests will guide you when shopping for fashionable jewelry.

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