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Tips on the Importance of a Paper Shredder

by Laura Acevedo

Black paper shredder on a desk

The reasons for using paper shredders range from the need to minimize disposal size to safety and data security concerns. Paper shredders are the first line of defense against improper use of personal and business documents. Whether you want to shred your personal mail or need to dispose of large business documents, paper shredders are a critical piece of office equipment for rapidly and effectively disposing of your most sensitive information.

Reasons for Paper Shredders:

  1. Prevent identity theft: Stories of identity theft and fraud are all too common. A simple step you can take to help prevent your personal information from being used fraudulently is to shred all documents, discs and credit cards that contain personal information before disposal. While you could cut up these items by hand, it is a tedious task. A paper shredder makes the job easy and fast. A cross-cut shredder provides added security, turning documents into confetti-like bits of paper rather than strips.

  2. Follow legal requirements for disposal: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires businesses to dispose of reports and information obtained from consumer reports such as credit and background checks. One approved method of disposing of these documents is through a paper shredder. Local and state laws may duplicate these federal regulations. By routinely using a paper shredder, you help limit legal liabilities related to sensitive personal data.

  3. Protect sensitive information: Trade secrets and vital information can be protected through routine use of a paper shredder. Whether you are working on a novel, business bid or technological specification document, maintaining the secrecy of information is critical. In some industries, competition is fierce, and inside information about the competition can provide enough leverage to gain market share and steal clients. Prevent unauthorized use of your most valuable information by shredding your old documents.

  4. Use paper shredders to save time: Your time is one of your most valuable commodities, and office electronics aim to help you use it wisely. Make maximum use of your time by using a shredder to dispose of unwanted documents. Paper shredders make quick work of piles of paper, so you can devote your time to more rewarding tasks.

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