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Tips on Selecting an Aquamarine Ring

by Yu Qing

Beautiful ocean is the mythical home of the aquamarine

Aquamarine gems are enchanting, bringing a range of blue shades to jewelry selections of all kinds. Aquamarine gemstones range in color from sea green to light blue. Aquamarine rings are the perfect way to indulge in this beautiful gemstone jewelry variety. According to legend, aquamarine gems have always been the favorite gemstone of stylish, romantic mermaids. Sea navigators of all varieties look to this beautiful gem for luck and a way to bring the ocean onto land. The blue and green shades of aquamarine jewelry complement any woman's shading. An aquamarine ring is durable and classic enough to wear every day and dressy and stunning enough for special occasions. Use our tips to select aquamarine jewelry and gemstone rings for your collection.

Selecting Aquamarine Rings:

  1. Cut: Aquamarine gems are known for their colors, and the right cut is paramount to displaying the shades that an aquamarine possesses. The round brilliant cut, which is a circular cut that includes 58 facets, really showcases an aquamarine's sparkle and is the perfect stone for rings and other gemstone jewelry. Cuts with a low number of facets are also great for aquamarine gems because aquamarines typically have few inclusions. Emerald cuts, which are rectangular, are wonderful for aquamarine jewelry selections. If you are looking for something unique, consider an aquamarine that has been cut in an abstract way to showcase inclusions. Choose an aquamarine ring with a stone shape that appeals to you and don't be afraid to try something new or unusual.

  2. Color: The aquamarine's color is an important aspect to consider when you purchase a ring. It is a colored gemstone, so its vividness typically influences the price. Aquamarines come in shades of blue and green, and aquamarines with intense shades are generally more valuable. Bright blue aquamarine rings are passionate reminders of blue ocean waters, while ice-blue aquamarine rings are cool and calming.

  3. Clarity: While the clarity of an aquamarine is important, aquamarines are not prone to inclusions. Flawless aquamarine gemstones are not incredibly rare like perfect diamonds and emeralds are. If you are on a budget, you may need to choose between a flawless aquamarine and one with an incredibly brilliant shade, but gorgeous aquamarine rings are available in a wide range of prices.

  4. Metal: When choosing a metal for your aquamarine ring, consider the shade of the gem. Lighter aquamarines, for example, often look best when set into white gold, platinum or sterling silver rings because the stones are transparent. If you love the look of gold jewelry, choose bright blue aquamarine gemstones.

  5. Setting: The beauty and unique look of an aquamarine gem lends itself to a wide variety of ring settings. Classic settings, such as prong and bezel, are available, and unconventional settings are also easy to find. Multi-stone settings make a dramatic statement, and designer settings often enhance the stone's unique shade and inclusions. Modern settings, such as the tension setting, are also popular for aquamarine rings.

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