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Tips on Keeping Furniture from Scratching Wood Floors

by Staff Writer

Glass coffee table on a wood floor

Your wood floor may be beautiful and your furniture may beautiful as well; together, however, they can create some not-so-beautiful scratches that can ruin your floors. Furniture can be rough on hardwood floors, even though that's where it belongs. Fortunately, it's possible to protect your wood floors from your furniture by taking some preventative measures. With these tips you can preserve your beautiful hardwood floor for years to come. Take a look below for some tips on keeping furniture from scratching wood floors.

Preventing Wood Floor Scratches:

  1. Use an area rug. One way to help prevent scratching or gouging is to use an area rug. By keeping all of your furniture on top of a rug, you'll easily avoid scratches and damage to the wood flooring. In addition to preserving your beautiful hardwood floor, you can also add some personalization to your living room or bedroom with a colorful rug.

  2. Consider wheels. Picking furniture with wheels, such as cabinets or entertainment units, is an option. The wheels will make it easier to move the furniture from room to room when you want to redecorate. However, the wrong kind of wheels can still leave marks, so try to get non-marking rubber wheels or ball wheels.

  3. Use furniture pads. Furniture and glider pads help cushion the feet or corners of furniture and raise them slightly off the floor. They even allow the furniture to be moved around so it doesn't have to be lifted or put on wheels.

  4. Wax the legs. Rub a generous amount of wax on the bottom of wood legs to keep them from damaging your floor.

  5. Make your own pads. Cut up blankets, quilts or clothing to create your own pads for the feet of your furniture. You can add your own personable touch if you decide to do it this way.

  6. Don't push. A definite way to damage your wooden floors is to drag or push your furniture across the floor when you're moving or redecorating your room. It might be faster than finding someone to help you move your couch or loveseat, but it's not worth the risk of scuffing up your beautiful hardwood floors. If at all possible pick furniture up off the wooden floor to move it. This will probably require you to get some sort of moving buddy, but protecting your wood floor is definitely worth it.

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