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Tips on Choosing Wedding Hairstyles

by Lindsay Law

Brunette bride with white flowers in her hair

Once you've picked out your wedding dress and are immersed in wedding planning, it's time to start thinking about wedding hairstyles for the big day. Whether you're looking for curly wedding hairstyles or sleek bridal hairstyles that complement straight hair, a few tips and the right hair care products will allow you to achieve a beautiful look for your wedding. Read on for tips on the best wedding hairstyles for your hair type.

Beautiful Bridal Updos:

  1. Consider the style of your wedding and dress. For a formal wedding, especially with formal wedding attire, elegant wedding hairdos are most appropriate, but if your wedding is more laid-back, modern wedding hairstyles can make a stunning statement. You may also want to consider the date, time and season of your wedding; long wedding hairstyles may be uncomfortable for hot, sticky weather, and formal hairstyles with upswept hair may be too chilly for a winter wedding.

  2. Pin up curly hair. Whether your hair is naturally curly or wavy, it's simple to create beautiful bridal hairstyles with your hair type. You can also curl your hair using a curling iron or rollers to achieve glamorous curly wedding hairstyles. Sculpt curls using gel or mousse, and pin them loosely at the crown for a regal look. Add a small tiara or pin the veil beneath the curls to finish the look. For formal wedding hairstyles, why not wear your hair half up and show off your pretty ringlets? Accessorize updos for weddings with flowers or elegant hair brooches.

  3. Create sleek, straight looks. If your hair is straight, a low bun, either centered or placed asymmetrically is the perfect updo wedding hairstyle. You can also create a twisted bun for a different look, and hair swept up and pinned at the side always looks elegant. When choosing updos for weddings, decide whether you want a loose style with a few tendrils around your face or formal wedding hairstyles coiffed so that no hair falls out of place.

  4. Style short hair simply. No matter how long your hair is, you don't need thick tresses to create the perfect hairstyles for wedding days. Create beautiful short wedding hairstyles with accessories that don't overwhelm your face or add too much volume. A simple tiara can add the right touch to short curls or waves, as can an elegant headband with floral accents. To create unique short wedding hairstyles, try pinning your hair up around the crown and accenting it with a stunning flower pin or brooch. Formal hairstyles can be achieved by sweeping hair into a side bun, if it's long enough.

  5. Create lovely long hairstyles. With long hair, at least to your shoulders, you have a few more options when planning hairstyles for wedding days. Wear your hair loose or pin the crown up for a glamorous look; or sweep your hair into long side ponytails and pin a pretty flower or jeweled barrette onto one ponytail for a more laid-back look. Long wedding hairstyles are versatile and beautiful.

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