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Tips on Choosing Turquoise Bracelets

by Maegan Crandall

Girl wearing several turquoise bracelets and holding green glass and rocks

A piece of gemstone jewelry is just what you need to add color to those well-worn jeans and favorite white tank top. Turquoise brings bright blues and greens to the gemstone world; a turquoise bracelet is the perfect accessory for any outfit. The beauty and unique qualities of turquoise brings many newcomers to the world of gemstone jewelry. Whether you are shopping for gemstone bracelets for the very first time or you are looking to expand your collection of turquoise jewelry, our tips can help you choose a turquoise bracelet that you will want to wear for decades.

Selecting Turquoise Bracelets:

  1. Gemstone quality: Turquoise jewelry may incorporate gemstones of any quality. Turquoise is a good stone for jewelry, and high-quality stones can be had in a variety of price ranges. To be sure that you are getting good turquoise in your bracelets, pay attention to the retailer's specifications about the stones. Turquoise can be treated to enhance its appearance, and imitation turquoise is also used in some gemstone bracelets. Above all, choose turquoise gems that appeal to you and offer the aesthetic that you prefer.

  2. Stone shape: Turquoise bracelets are available in many fashions, and the gemstone shape helps to solidify the style. Large, square turquoise gems set into silver, for example, offer a different style than turquoise beaded bracelets. Thick turquoise cuff bracelets with gemstone chips are very different from bangles that incorporate floral turquoise sculptures. Choose turquoise jewelry with stones that personify your individual style.

  3. Gem color: Turquoise is best known for its blue-green hue, but the gemstone is available in a range of shades. Bright blue turquoise with gold veins might suit your wardrobe best, or you might prefer green turquoise with grey veins. Some gemstone jewelry incorporates several different colors of turquoise stones.

  4. Bracelet style: Of course, gemstone quality, shape and color won't matter much if you don't like the style of your turquoise bracelet. Choose turquoise jewelry that you will want to wear regularly to make the most of your investment. If you like dramatic pieces of jewelry, choose thick turquoise bangles. If you prefer subtle jewelry, shop for simple beaded gemstone bracelets. If you like pretty and delicate bracelets, buy turquoise jewelry with intricate settings and details.

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