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Tips on Choosing Ankle Weights

by Wirnani Garner

Man exercising

Often used during exercise to increase resistance, ankle weights, sometimes called leg weights, are filled with sand or water and fasten around your ankles. The addition of ankle weights can take your ordinary routine to another level. When used during your aerobic exercises, ankle weights can effectively strengthen your core. If you enjoy power walking, leg weights and other body weights, like wrist weights, can increase the intensity of your workouts, letting you decrease the duration.

Choosing Ankle Weights:

  1. Types of ankle weights: There are two main types of ankle weights: sand-filled and water-filled. The results you get from training with ankle weights will not vary based on the type of ankle weight you buy, but there are some differences between the two to consider. Sand-filled ankle weights can be manufactured in heavier weights than water-filled ankle weights. Water-filled ankle weights are convenient because they can be used in water. They also travel easier than sand-filled ankle weights because they can be unfilled to reduce their weight during traveling and refilled when you arrive at your destination.

  2. Selecting ankle weights: Padding can make the ankle weights more comfortable, especially when you wear them for long workouts. Choose ankle weights that have enough padding to be comfortable during a workout. Adjustable ankle weights provide additional flexibility to the user. Most ankle weights are adjustable because they are secured with Velcro. This allows the wearer to tighten or loosen the ankle weights and is particularly helpful if more than one person uses the same pair of weights. If you're looking for wrist weights to go with your ankle weights, you'll want to look for similar features.

  3. Using ankle weights: Any exercise can be an ankle weight exercise so long as it requires leg movement or it could benefit by increasing the resistance in the lower body. This includes, of course, jogging and walking, but also basic crunches, bicycle crunches and leg raises. By increasing resistance, your muscles are challenged, and this helps tone muscles more quickly and more effectively. Ankle weights can be used to increase general muscle strength and also break through any potential plateaus. For an extra intense workout, consider doing jumping jacks while wearing both ankle weights and wrist weights.

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