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Tips on Choosing a Wedding Cake

by Lindsay Law

Beautiful wedding cake decorated with red roses

Say "I do" to the groom -- and to a beautiful wedding cake that makes your special day even more incredible. Whether you're looking for a traditional tiered wedding cake or a fun cupcake wedding cake to shake things up, you can create the look you want with a unique wedding cake that fits the style of your wedding. Read on for tips on choosing a wedding cake and finding the right cake and food decorating tools for the task.

Designing Your Wedding Cake:

  1. Decide on a theme. Once you've decided on wedding colors and dates, it's time to decide how formal or laid-back you'd like your wedding to be. Would a beach wedding cake complete with starfish and blue fondant work for an ocean-themed wedding? Maybe you'd like black and white wedding cakes to complement a vintage wedding. An elegant wedding cake with fondant flowers would be perfect for a black-tie wedding, too. Make sure you write down the wedding cake ideas you have so you get the perfect design.

  2. Find a style and shape you like. While a tiered wedding cake is traditional and classic, it may not fit for your wedding. For a simpler, laid-back wedding, the best wedding cakes may have only one layer and feature classic wedding cake toppers or fresh flowers. Individual wedding cakes, especially decorated in a timeless style, are also a unique choice. An elegant wedding cake decorated with colorful fondant and icing might work well for a vintage-themed wedding or a formal event.

  3. Pick frosting and filling. A beach wedding cake, with its cool, breezy colors and nautical accents, would probably look (and taste) best with a vanilla or yellow filling; smooth butter-cream or cream-cheese frosting is an excellent accent. Set off sepia-toned photos and an old-fashioned theme with black and white wedding cakes -- chocolate cake with white fondant and black piping -- for a classic take on the traditional white wedding cake. Other wedding cake ideas include red velvet or raspberry-filled cake frosted with cream cheese icing and a cupcake wedding cake iced with bright colors, such as pink, lime green, cool blue and yellow. For a unique wedding cake, buy a confection that includes fondant flowers and piping, including text, in place of wedding cake toppers.

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