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Tips on Buying Givenchy Perfume

by Lindsay Law

Givenchy Ange Ou demon Le Secret perfume

Make every day a little more pulled together with a spritz of Givenchy perfume. Whether the romantic rose-infused Very Irresistible for women fits your style or you're more partial to the floral gardenia notes of Organza perfume, wearing a fragrance that suits your mood and your taste can make every day feel special. Whether you're looking for a Givenchy fragrance for men or women, you can find the perfect scent with just a few tips. Read on for more information and tips on buying Givenchy perfume.

Buying Givenchy Perfume:

  1. Buy a designer fragrance as a gift. Surprise your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend with a bottle of Very Irresistible, which comes both as a men's perfume and a women's perfume. Purchase a designer fragrance, such as Organza perfume, to impress a friend or as a birthday present for a special woman in your life. Amarige perfume, which combines patchouli, sandalwood and cinnamon, among other notes, is also an excellent women's perfume. Look for a discount perfume that is packaged nicely and find a lotion and body-wash set to complement the perfume.

  2. Purchase a spicy, fruity or floral fragrance. Buy perfume that suits your personality and tastes for a scent that works well for you. Many popular Givenchy fragrances, like Amarige perfume, are classified as spicy scents, which may not be appropriate for a friend who prefers understated fragrances. Luckily, there are also several Givenchy options that contain softer floral scents. Before you buy perfume as a gift, ask your spouse which type of fragrance notes he or she likes best. Many fragrances contain a mixture of floral, citrus and woody notes, so you may need to determine what the main overtones are before purchasing a perfume.

  3. Find a long-lasting perfume. When purchasing discount perfume, look for a bottle of eau de parfum for the strongest scent. A bottle of eau de toilette spray is typically less concentrated than eau de parfum, making it the perfect perfume to throw in your bag or purse for a touch-up throughout the day. Givenchy Gentleman, which comes as an eau de toilette spray, is an excellent men's perfume you can surprise your husband or boyfriend with.

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