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The Best Ski Goggles for All Conditions

by Staff Writer

Skier wearing ski goggles

Just as important as your skis and poles, your ski goggles let you see better and protect your eyes from the sun, snow, wind and branches. You have several different lens options, and each lens is designed for different conditions. Knowing which lens works in what conditions will help you buy the right pair.

Ski Goggle Lenses:

  1. For sunny days: You'll want ski goggles with very dark lenses on clear, sunny days. Grey and brown lenses tend to block the most light. Polarized ski goggles are also preferable in sunny conditions because they reduce glare.

  2. For overcast days: Lighter shades of goggle lenses, like yellow and gold, are best for overcast conditions. These lens options usually allow greater than 50 percent of visible light to pass through, making it easier to see bumps and adjust your line.

  3. For night skiing: Even at night, wearing ski goggles is a good idea. Ski goggles will still protect your eyes from wind and snow, and if you enjoy tree skiing, they will protect your eyes from branches. But as there is no need to protect your eyes from the sun, clear lenses are the best choice for night skiing. Clear lenses give the most light transmission while still protecting your eyes from hazards.

  4. For a variety of conditions: Photochromic lenses adapt to the amount of UV light they come in contact with, darkening in very bright conditions and lightening when the clouds are out. This ability to adjust to various light conditions makes them ideal if you only want to own one pair of ski goggles.

Ski Goggle Tip:

  1. Lenses that fog up can be a nuisance on the slopes. Avoid this problem with anti-fog coatings. Some ski goggle lenses come with a fog-proof coating. If your lenses don't have a fog-proof coating, there are several products on the market that you can use to prevent your lenses from fogging up.

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