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Tennis Equipment FAQs

by Craig Blake

Essential equipment for playing tennis

Picking up the right tennis equipment to get started can be a little confusing sometimes. There are so many varieties of tennis equipment that it can be hard to decide. Whether you are looking for tennis shoes, tennis racquets, tennis apparel or just need everything, here are some answers to common questions to help you get started.

Tennis Equipment Questions:

  1. What kind of tennis balls should I get?
    For most people, medium pressurized tennis balls are just fine. They have plenty of bounce and will keep it through several matches. Pressure-less tennis balls are stiffer than pressurized balls at first, but the more they're used, the bouncier they get. If you're playing on hard courts (as most recreational tennis players do), you should get extra-duty felt tennis balls; these will last longer.

  2. How can I carry all that equipment?
    Get yourself a tennis bag. Designed specifically for multiple tennis rackets, tennis balls and other tennis gear, tennis bags make it easy to transport all of your gear to and from the courts. Some tennis bags cover the head of the rackets and leave the handles exposed. Others cover the whole racket; these will be bulkier, but they offer more room for storing all of your gear.

  3. How to I choose a good racquet?
    If you are in the market for a new tennis racquet, be sure to consider your level of play. There is no need for a casual tennis player to spend a large sum of money for a racquet. Get a basic, quality tennis racquet to begin with. You can always upgrade if your skill and interest level increases. Many beginners start with tennis racquets with oversized heads.

  4. What tennis apparel is most important?
    Before you start playing tennis recreationally, there are just a few things you must have. Definitely get a pair of tennis shoes that can grip the surface of the court. Trying to play tennis in loose-fitting shoes can be difficult and dangerous. Make sure you have correct footwear. Aside from tennis shoes, most tennis apparel really depends on personal preference. Pick up a pair of tennis shorts or a tennis skirt and you'll be ready to go.

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