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Talk about the Weather: 5 Rainy Day Essentials



"Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it," said the author Mark Twain. You may not be able to change the weather, but with a little preparation, you can make a stormy day a bit more pleasant.

Rainy Day Must-Haves:

  1. Umbrella: It's a no-brainer that umbrellas keep you dry. It's surprising, however, how often we're caught in a cloudburst without one. Always be prepared for wet weather by keeping an umbrella or two where you need them. One next to the front door is a good idea, and so is keeping one in your car. Buy a small travel umbrella to keep in your handbag or briefcase to fend off surprise rain storms.

  2. Rain jacket and boots: A rubber slicker and goulashes will help you stay dry in a downpour. There are several more rainy day styles to keep you dry beside full-on rubber, however. Trench coats are traditionally designed with a storm flap across the back to direct rainwater away from the wearer. Gortex and other water-resistant materials are available in just about every style of jacket. Travel and emergency ponchos are also easy to carry with you.

  3. Waterproof cases: Getting caught in a cloudburst without protection will leave you soggy, but it could mean death for some of your gadgets, like your smartphone or laptop. When you're shopping for cellphone cases and laptop cases, look for designs that are waterproof to help protect your gadgets from any rainwater that may reach them, even if they're tucked inside your bag or briefcase.

  4. Book and cup of tea: There's no better way to spend a stormy day than curled up at home with a good book. If you're staying in, put a pot of tea on the stove and pick up that latest bestseller you've been dying to read. If you have kids, spend the evening reading a favorite book to them or plan a fun night in with games, movies, and snacks.

  5. Pet products: It may be raining cats and dogs outside, but the truth is, many pets are actually afraid of storms, especially when they're accompanied by thunder and lightning. If a storm is coming, make sure your pets are set up to be as comfortable and at ease as possible, especially if you're going to be away from home. A cozy bed they can curl up in is the first thing you need, and if your pet has a favorite blanket or toy, make sure it is there with them along with a few tasty treats.

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