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Shawna Edwards

Shawna Edwards specializes in content about jewelry, watches, holidays, and travel. She has been creating online content since 2007.

Guides by Shawna Edwards:

  1. Essential Linens for Your Wedding Registry Household linens are an extensive part of the wedding registry, whether the couple is planning a traditional wedding and gift list or a more modern affair.

  2. Watch Movement Buying Guide Learn the difference between mechanical, automatic, and quartz movement before purchasing your next watch.

  3. Gemstone Shapes Explained Jewelers rely on a standardized set of gemstone shapes to cut stones into dazzling jewels. Round stones convey a sense of tradition and romance while straight edges seem more modern and sophisticated.

  4. Colored Gemstone Checklist Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies -- these are the most beloved of colored gemstones. Yet many other bright and enchanting gems are available to fill your jewelry box.

  5. Top 10 Famous Diamonds over 10 Carats Read these fun facts about the Hope diamond, the Great Star of Africa and other dazzling gems.

  6. How to Host a Wine and Chocolates Party A combination of wine and chocolate can be elegant, delicious, and healthy.

  7. Watch Glossary When you know the terminology, you can shop for watches like an expert.

  8. Garlic: Ode to a Stinking Rose April 19 is National Garlic Day, but you can celebrate garlic anytime with some tasty recipes and fun facts.

  9. Alternative Metals Buying Guide Alternative metals, such as steel and titanium, can be crafted into high-quality, durable, and stylish jewelry, and jewelers have become more appreciative of these alternatives in recent years.

  10. Moving Checklist The weeks prior to moving day can be hectic, but the process will be easier if you follow this checklist to make sure every task gets completed in a timely manner.

Recent Blog Posts by Shawna Edwards:

  1. Give Your Baby the Royal Treatment Every baby deserves a royal welcome, complete with a beautiful nursery and plenty of gifts.

  2. Decorate with Outdoor Rugs Shawna shares her ideas for creating an outdoor oasis.

  3. July's Birthstone: Rubies The intense fire of rubies is hard to resist, and when you want to be noticed, ruby is the queen of gemstones.

  4. 2013 Trends in Sunglasses A good pair of sunglasses is essential, not only for looking cool, but also for protecting your eyes from all that sunshine.

  5. May Birthstone: Emerald Green is the color of life and renewal, which makes emerald the ideal birthstone for late spring.