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Save More with Overstock™ Promo Codes


Promo codes are taking the e-retail world by storm, and for good reason. They're a simple, easy way to get your own inside discounts on products you love. At Overstock™, we pride ourselves on giving you amazing discounts on products. But did you know that we also offer promo code deals?

Overstock™ Promo Codes:

  1. Find promo codes online: Our promo codes are simple to find. Just visit our coupons page to see what promo codes and coupons we are currently offering. Make sure you check back every time you shop, so you're always aware of the current promotions. Our online offers sometimes change, so checking back often will ensure that you always use the best promo code or coupon for your shopping experience.

  2. Find promo codes in print: Another great place to find our current promotion codes is in the ads you see in magazines or receive in the mail. Not only will these ads tell you about the sales and events going on onsite, but they will usually have a promo code to help you save even more. The codes are most often found in the bottom right corner. Make sure you keep these ads handy when you shop online, so you can easily use the code when you checkout.

  3. Use promo codes: Using promo codes is surprisingly easy. When you've found your perfect products, go to the checkout page, enter in your billing information, and click on the box that says "I would like to use a Promo Code." If you found the code online, simply cut and paste it into the box. If you are working from a print ad, just type in the code and click "Apply" before you submit your order. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your savings. It truly is one of the best ways to get the most for your money.

More Ways to Save with Overstock™:

  1. Check for deals: In addition to our promo codes and coupons, the Overstock™ deals page houses all of our many sales onsite. Make sure you check every time you visit to see what sales we have.

  2. Get savings in your inbox: If you aren't currently receiving Omail updates, make sure you register your email address. You can choose how often you receive emails, and you can be assured that you'll always be the first to know of the deals and savings Overstock™ will be offering.

  3. Join the savings club: Another way to save even more money with Overstock™ is to join Club O. Not only will you receive free shipping on most products, but you will also earn 5 percent in Club O Rewards on each purchase to use with us in the future. You can read more about the best reasons for joining Club O here.

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Updated March 27, 2015