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FAQs about Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Published April 28, 2010 | Updated June 29, 2015

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  • I've never made a large purchase online. Why pick

    We have taken the time to create a Web environment that allows you to comfortably shop for watches online. We offer a wide variety of timepieces at the most competitive prices available. In addition, we want you to feel secure purchasing from us. is one of a handful of online high-end watch merchants that are capable of processing your credit card for your entire purchase. This allows "first-time buyers" to feel more secure in making a large purchase because they have an added layer of security via their credit card company.

  • Do all your Rolex watches come with their serial numbers?

    Every pre-owned Rolex watch sold by will have its unique Rolex serial and reference numbers in place and viewable by removing the watch band from the six o'clock and twelve o'clock ends.

  • What is meant by "Perfect Like New Condition?"

    "Perfect like new (day one) condition" watches are pre-owned Rolex timepieces that are purchased by in pristine, mint, and immaculate condition. This is the case cosmetically and mechanically. Every timepiece is thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are authentic and meet our quality standards. These luxury watches are so pristine that, in most cases, they are indistinguishable from new watches. Our men's watches and women's watches may have miniscule markings, and the watch bracelets will have miniscule amounts of stretch.

  • Will my watch come with documentation?

    Every watch will come with detailed documentation stating a full watch description, serial number, and model number. Being that the manufacturer's warranty has expired, you will receive a limited one-year warranty from our vendor.

  • Will my watch be covered by a warranty, and what about post warranty service?

    Being that the manufacturer's warranties on these timepieces have expired, our vendor issues a one-year limited distributer warranty on every watch. The warranty work is done by expert watchmakers who use only original manufacturers' parts and have decades of experience working with Rolex watches. After the one-year limited warranty has expired, you may continue to request service through our vendor who will service the watch when needed at industry cost prices.

  • How can I be sure that the watch will fit my wrist?

    All our watches will fit up to a 6-and-a-half-inch wrist for a woman and for a man will fit up to a 7-and-a-half-inch wrist (extra links are available for additional charges). Rolex watches can be easily resized to fit any wrist by your local jeweler.

  • How do I measure for my wrist size?

    You can get an approximate measurement of your wrist by using a soft measuring tape or measuring the inside of your best fitting watch. If you don't have a soft measuring tape, you can wrap a ribbon or a piece of string around your wrist at the wrist bone, mark the spot where it meets, and measure it against a ruler to determine your approximate wrist size. To get the best fit, measure fairly snug at the wrist bone. This is approximate sizing not a 100 percent guarantee of perfect sizing.

    If the watch is a gift and you do not know the recipient's wrist size, you can use the following as a guide (as with all products, the standard sizes depend on the manufacturer):

    Men's Standard Bracelet Sizes Inside, including watch face while bracelet is closed
    Adult Small 5½" to 6½"
    Adult Average 6½" to 7½"
    Adult Large 7½" to 8½"
    Adult X-Large 8½" to 9½"
    Women's Standard Bracelet Sizes Inside, including watch face while bracelet is closed
    Adult Small 4½" to 5½"
    Adult Average 5½" to 6½"
    Adult Large 6½" to 7½"
    Adult X-Large 7½" to 8½"
  • Will the watch be fully water-resistant? And can I go swimming or shower with my watch?

    Every Rolex watch is fully tested for water resistance; the total depth rating is listed with every model. Drawing on years of experience, it is our recommendation that, though Rolex watches are water resistant, because of the fine nature of the timepiece, we discourage our customers from making a practice of taking them in the shower or pool. If for some reason the stem, which is the round mechanism found on the side of the case, which is unscrewed to set the time, is not completely screwed down, water could leak into the movement and damage the watch. (Please refer to your warranty card regarding water damage.)

  • How does offer such great prices when my local jeweler has a similar piece for considerably more? has built the best connections in the business, affording us the ability to buy from dealers at the highest level of the industry. Through these connections, we can buy in the largest quantities while getting the best pricing. Being that we are not an authorized dealer of Rolex or affiliated with Rolex, USA, we are able to offer our customers rock bottom pricing without being subject to any manufacturer's price controls or policies.

  • Do I need to be present to sign for the package?

    For your safety, you will need to sign for the package that contains your watch. If you are not present when it arrives, the package will not be left at your door. A door tag will be left to inform you when the courier will come to redeliver your package. Alternatively, you can call the courier to arrange a better delivery time or pick-up (with photo identification) at the local hub.

  • What is the benefit of buying a pre-owned Rolex over a new one?

    Unlike new Rolex watches, pre-owned Rolex watches do not depreciate in value immediately after purchase. Therefore, buying a new Rolex watch is like buying a brand new car: The moment you drive it off the lot it has lost 20 to 30 percent of its value. With buying a pre-owned watch, you have effectively cut out any value depreciation and retail markup. Rolex watches hold their value over time; in most cases, a pre-owned Rolex can be resold at a price very close to your purchase price.

  • How do I determine the age of my watch?

    You are guaranteed to receive a desirable modern watch with a fully automatic self-winding movement or quartz movement, depending on your purchase, with quickset date feature. Due to the fact that Rolex models are manufactured for a number of years, the year of your watch will be circa 1990 or later. Every Rolex watch sold by will have its unique Rolex serial number, which determines the year of manufacture.

  • What if I buy a pre-owned Rolex with a leather strap?

    To be considered authentic, every part of a pre-owned Rolex must come from the manufacturer except for the strap. Pre-owned Rolex watches with leather straps come with quality, adjustable, generic straps. and our Rolex Vendors are not affiliated with Rolex or Rolex, USA Inc., and are not an authorized Rolex dealer. Third party One-Year Warranty.