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Ring Resizing Quick Facts

by Staff Writer

If wedding rings and heirloom rings don't fit anymore or if the engagement ring you love just isn't available in your ring size, a jeweler may be able to improve the ring fit. Sometimes, a cherished ring just doesn't fit correctly. Age, injury, arthritis, pregnancy and weight changes can cause a person's ring size to change over time. It can also be difficult to choose correct ring sizing when shopping. Fortunately, ring resizing will often give you a better ring fit. Consider these jewelry facts when looking into ring resizing.

Facts about Ring Resizing:

Ring Resizing Quick Facts

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  • Plain bands:

    If a ring does not have gemstones or inlaid decoration on the band or has gemstones set only in a crown atop the ring, the band can easily be resized. Most jewelers will set a limit on the number of ring sizes increased or decreased in order to preserve the jewelry design.

  • Bands with stones:

    Ring sizing on many gemstone and diamond rings can also be altered, but the process depends on the style of the ring and the skill of the jeweler. Sometimes, a jeweler can resize a ring by two sizes but usually not more without resetting the stones. It is not recommended that a ring be adjusted by more than one or two full sizes.

  • Eternity bands:

    The size and number of diamonds in an eternity band match the ring's circumference exactly. Resizing this popular wedding ring would require resetting the diamonds in an uneven pattern.

  • Patterned bands:

    Rings with designs that encircle the entire shank cannot be resized.

  • Titanium rings:

    Titanium, tungsten and stainless steel are very strong metals. It is difficult to alter a finished ring made of these metals.

  • Flex rings:

    Rings with flexible bands can be resized if they have a solid bar at the back of the shank.

  • Non-metal bands:

    Jewelers cannot mold and reshape non-metal bands made of materials such as resin, wood, quartz and glass.

  • Invisible settings:

    This jewelry design creates a solid surface of gemstones by setting the gems into a frame cut into a metal band. Altering the size of the band could upset the alignment of the frame and the gems.

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