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Quick Facts about Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

by Chandler Warnick

Egyptian cotton sheets featuring a dobby weave

For years, the title "King of Cotton" has gone to Egyptian cotton, and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are, consequently, known for being of the finest quality. It used to be that the only places to buy Egyptian cotton sheet sets were high-end boutiques, and Egyptian cotton sheets sets often carried hefty price-tags. While lustrous, durable Egyptian cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are still more expensive than bedding and sheets made from less distinguished cotton, they are far less expensive than they used to be, and if you want luxury and durability, the price may be well worth it. Keep reading to find out a few interesting and useful facts about Egyptian cotton sheet sets and Egyptian cotton bedding that may help make your purchase easier.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets: The Facts

  1. Egyptian cotton sheet sets and ELS cotton: Egyptian cotton has extra-long fibers (1 3/8 inch), also known as extra-long staples, hence the ELS label. The long fibers of Egyptian cotton can be wound into extra-fine strands, which manufacturers weave into cotton fabrics with extra-high thread counts, creating a durable and luxuriously soft material for Egyptian cotton sheet sets.

  2. Egyptian cotton sheet sets and Gossypium barbadense: The cotton in Egyptian cotton sheet sets is grown in Egypt, but the same cotton is grown in other regions. In fact, the cotton species, Gossypium barbadense, is actually not native to Egypt at all, but was introduced to Egypt in the 19th century by one of Egypt's rulers, Mohammed Ali Pasha.

  3. Egyptian cotton sheet sets and the logo: If your Egyptian cotton sheet set is made from certified Egyptian cotton, grown in Egypt, it will probably have a tag featuring a white cotton blossom on a black triangle with the words "Egyptian cotton" beneath it. While other places produce the same kind of cotton (pima cotton is grown from the same species), Egyptian cotton producers go to great lengths to ensure that their cotton is grown from top-quality plants and processed using top-quality methods.

  4. Egyptian cotton sheets sets and color: Egyptian cotton absorbs liquids very well, which is why Egyptian cotton sheets sets often come in such vibrant colors. When Egyptian cotton sheets sets are dyed, they are able to soak in more dye than sheets sets made from other varieties of cotton.

  5. Egyptian cotton sheet sets and lint: Egyptian cotton produces little lint, the hairs that grow on cotton seeds. Egyptian cotton sheet sets, in turn, produce less lint than sheets and bedding made from other materials, which means that Egyptian cotton sheet sets and Egyptian cotton bedding do not pill much. They will maintain their signature luster for years.

  6. Egyptian cotton sheets sets and softness: Egyptian cotton sheets sets and Egyptian cotton bedding often feels a little stiff at first. However, each time you wash your sheets, they will become softer. Considering that Egyptian cotton sheets can last for decades, an Egyptian cotton sheet set will become one of the softest sheet sets you will ever use.

  7. Egyptian cotton sheets sets and cotton blends: Some companies use a very small percentage of Egyptian cotton in their bedding and then market their product as "Egyptian cotton sheet sets" or "Egyptian cotton bedding." Look for Egyptian cotton sheet sets that are either 100 percent Egyptian cotton or that have a percentage that you're satisfied with.

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