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Quick and Easy Decorating Tips



Do you thumb through home decorating magazines wishing you could afford your very own interior decorator? Maybe the home of your dreams isn't as out of reach as it seems. Quick and easy decorating tips can make a huge difference in any room of your home: Color lifts your mood, new hardware transforms a piece of furniture, and organization goes a long way. If you want to give your home a facelift, start with these quick tips and see how far home decor can take you.

Smart Decorating Solutions:

  1. Update existing furniture: Making over your furniture can be much easier than shopping for, hauling, and assembling new pieces. On worn couches or mismatching chairs, try quick and affordable slipcovers. A slipcover with fresh, bold nautical stripes, for example, gives you a whole new backdrop for your living room. Tables, dressers, and desks are also easy to update. Remove old hardware, move the piece outside on a drop cloth, and add a coat or two of spray paint. Add new hardware after the paint dries to cement the updated style.

  2. Experiment with lighting: That dark corner in your living room may be your biggest obstacle to creating the inviting and energizing mood you desire. Few things are simpler than adding a lamp or two to a room. Additionally, lamp style options are virtually endless. Sleek metal floor lamps enhance a contemporary room, while ornate stained glass table lamps brighten a retro-inspired space.

  3. Create texture: If you take a closer look at the done-up rooms in glossy decorating books, you'll notice that the designs typically feature pops of texture to add dimension to the theme. This look is not difficult to emulate. Look to faux fur pillows, shag area rugs, breezy cotton curtains, and leather steamer trunks to texturize your living room, bedroom, or entertaining space.

  4. Introduce more color: Painting walls can be a big project, but you can experiment with color in easier ways. Dress up your floors with a wildly colorful, patterned area rug. Add bright red vases to a minimalist living room. Dress your bedroom in vintage appeal with teal bedding. If you want blocks of color without the hard work, adorn with decorative screens.

  5. Clean and organize: Every room looks better without clutter. To make organization easy on yourself, invest in decorative boxes, baskets, or tins. Put mail out of sight and sort through it on your own time. A storage ottoman can help you clean up a room quickly by giving you a place to store newspapers, magazines, remotes, and books.

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