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Popular Types of Casino Chips

by Emily Lloyd

Stacks of casino poker chips

There are many different kinds of casino chips to choose from when you're looking into buying your own set. Casino chips come in varying weights and colors but are all used for the same game. The type of poker chips you prefer says a lot about the kind of poker player you are. Many professional players only like using a certain type of chip when they sit at the poker tables. Are you using the kind of casino chips that the professionals do? Keep reading for more information about the popular types of casino chips and see which one works for you and to find out if your taste measures up to the professionals'.

Types of Casino Chips:

  1. Clay casino chips. Clay poker chips are the most popular and sought-after casino chip. Professional poker players prefer this type of chip to all the rest. Many poker players claim that the way a clay poker chip feels and handles is very different and superior to other types of poker chips. However, clay casino chips are not made entirely of clay. Chips made entirely of clay would be extremely fragile and would break very easily. Clay casino chips are made from a combination of other materials as well as clay and usually feature an inlay of some kind as well. If you choose to purchase clay casino chips, be prepared to invest money into your new set. High-quality authentic clay poker chips can cost as much as three dollars a chip.

  2. Metal casino chips. Just like clay casino chips aren't entirely made of clay, metal casino chips aren't 100 percent metal, either. Most metal casino chips have a metal core with the edges of the chip being made from plastic. These types of chips are most like the casino chips that most casinos use. They are extremely durable and last for a long time.

  3. Ceramic casino chips. The reason these chips became popular is that the manufacturers were able to print pictures or words on the entire chip instead of just the inlay. These types of casino chips usually don't have an inlay. Many casinos are able to personalize their chips by printing on ceramic casino chips.

  4. Plastic casino chips. Plastic casino chips are usually manufactured for home use. They are a cheap alternative to the expensive clay poker chips. These types of poker chips are very lightweight and available in just about any store. Most professional players stay away from plastic poker chips, but these chips are perfect for casual use at your personal poker table.

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