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Pierre Cardin Watch Fact Sheet

by Staff Writer

Beautiful, trendy women's Pierre Cardin watch

Italian-born Pierre Cardin was known for his futuristic design and impeccable craftsmanship. After working under Christian Dior, the fashion maven went on to create his own line of luxury clothing and accessories -- including watches. In a sea of wristwatches, Pierre Cardin watches stand out due to their artistic design and luxury branding. Experimenting with design rules is what keeps Pierre Cardin watches for men and women looking fresh. It's also what makes Pierre Cardin watches a valuable investment. Use our facts to choose a Pierre Cardin watch for your wardrobe that accentuates your personal fashion sense and adds a unique aspect to your collection.

All about Pierre Cardin Watches:

  1. History: Pierre Cardin is best known for his haute couture clothing line. Pierre Cardin has always focused on clothing and accessories that accentuate innovative designs, such as contouring arcs, bold stripes and layered disks. Pierre Cardin's Espace watch of 1971 featured some of these radical design elements. Vintage Espace watches are now very valuable collector's timepieces. Today, Pierre Cardin offers watches with a variety of conventional and modern style choices that are sure to become more valuable with time.

  2. Men's watches: Men's Pierre Cardin watches come in many different styles. Vintage-style chronograph watches made of stainless steel have a classic yet consistently fashionable appearance. Dress men's watches from Pierre Cardin bring the look of luxury to your wardrobe with leather, diamonds and gold. Casual watches for men are also available from Pierre Cardin.

  3. Women's watches: Women's Pierre Cardin watches emphasize the brand's understanding of fashion. These watches typically feature a goldtone stainless steel case with a black or white dial and dauphin hands. Choose between women's watches with small, feminine dials or large, bold faces with diamond accents. These modern menswear-inspired styles instantly make an outfit unique.

  4. Features: Although Pierre Cardin focuses mainly on style, some watches are available with advanced mechanism features. Pierre Cardin chronograph watches will keep you on time wherever you are in the world and feature bold numerals with elegant dials. If you rely on your watch to let you know the date, Pierre Cardin watches with date windows are also available

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