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Photo Accessories Checklist

by Staff Writer

Photographer shooting a wedding with camera equipment

Digital photography gives users of all skill levels the ability to create great images. Whether you're a dedicated amateur or a seasoned professional, there are a few basic photo accessories that you'll need to get the perfect shot. Here are a few digital photo accessories to include in your camera bag.

Basic Photo Accessories:

  1. Camera lenses: Digital SLR cameras are favored by professional photographers for their high-resolution and interchangeable lenses. You may even be able to use lenses from your old film camera if it's made by the same manufacturer. Different camera lenses produce different effects. A telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens are good starting photo accessories to have.

  2. Filters: In addition to lenses, camera lens filters are basic photo accessories for a serious photographer. Camera lens filters are slightly tinted. The effect of these photo accessories can change the mood or ambiance of a shot dramatically, filtering out glare and causing certain colors to stand out.

  3. Camera batteries: Many point-and-shoot cameras use disposable batteries, although many digital cameras use lithium ion or another type of rechargeable battery. A spare set of camera batteries, disposable or otherwise, is a wise addition to your photo accessories list.

  4. Memory cards: Memory cards are the photo accessories that have replaced film for your camera. A 5-megapixel digital photo file can take up over 1 MB of memory on your memory card. Very high-resolution (10-12 megapixels) digital pictures can be as large as 10 MB. This means you can store a few hundred pictures on a memory card. It's always good to have extra cards, packed with your other photo accessories as a backup. Also, if your digital camera shoots video, you'll be glad to have the extra memory.

  5. Camera flashes and lighting: Most digital SLR cameras have built-in camera flash, but it may not be ideal in all shooting conditions. Photo accessories, like add-on flash units, provide more light and increased control. You can attach these lighting camera accessories to the camera body or use a wireless remote flash on a tripod.

  6. Camera bags: The appropriate carrying case for your photo accessories will vary with your camera and other gear. For point-and-shoot digital cameras, a snug-fitting camera bag may work fine. A compact, padded camera bag with adjustable compartments for lenses and other photo accessories will be ideal. A water-resistant camera accessories bag will help protect your gear from moisture and dust as well.

  7. Camera tripods: A tripod will keep your camera steady during long exposure shots, which can be a challenge for a heavier DSLR camera with a lens attached. These photo accessories come in large, aluminum models and more portable tabletop models. Look for quick-release tripods and flexible-leg tripods that you can use anywhere.

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