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Outdoor Fountain Ideas

by Jessica Gezon

Gushing outdoor fountain

Your back yard, garden or patio should be a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. If you are looking for outdoor fountain ideas, you have come to the right place; outdoor fountains are the perfect garden decor for turning any yard into an inviting haven.

Buying an Outdoor Fountain:

  1. Attract birds: Birds love to enjoy a bath; put a bubbling bird bath in your yard to attract feathered friends. Large birdbaths can accommodate more birds than a small birdbath, but smaller fountains are more easily moved and repositioned. If you have a large space to fill, look to a full-size birdbath and prevent territorial birds from fighting, but if you have a small space, a small birdbath will be just as effective. If attracting birds is your focus with your outdoor fountain, make sure to look for a birdbath with a narrow lip so small birds can perch comfortably. Don't get a birdbath that's too deep; birds will feel intimidated. Moving water stays fresh and attracts more birds and stays cleaner than standing water; burbling or running water also will help keep algae growth in check.

  2. Drown out noise: If you live on a busy street, in an active apartment complex or in an urban setting, you're familiar with the noise that comes with having neighbors. The sound of running water can create a serene environment in the midst of a busy neighborhood and help block out the sounds from next door. The further the water falls before landing in the pool, the louder it will be; for louder sounds, choose a larger waterfall. For quiet cover-ups, you can stick with a smaller fountain. If splashing water doesn't appeal to you, there's always a bubbler; this type of fountain produces more of a gurgle than a splash, similar to a babbling brook.

  3. Create a scene: Outdoor fountains can set the scene for a dramatic event or a spectacular party. From a subtle wall-mounted fountain providing background noise to a pedestal fountain set front and center, an outdoor fountain will make any occasion memorable. Try floating some candles or glowing globes in the pool part of your fountain and watch the colors and lights swirl in the eddy.

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