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Office Feng Shui



When it comes to your workday, the arrangement of your office may be the last thing on your mind. However, according to the ancient Chinese principles of feng shui, the way you design your office can have a big impact on your mental well-being and success. Here are some easy ways to create a harmonious workspace.

A Few Feng Shui Principles:

  1. Lay it out: Ideally, your home office should have an entrance separate from the main portion of your home. If this is not possible, it's best to keep your home office far from your bedroom. Place your desk near a window to instill a feeling of openness. Along those lines, you should avoid placing your desk up against a wall but, rather, position it so you can see the door to avoid being startled by visitors. A well-placed mirror can also add space and dimension to a cramped room.

  2. Remove the clutter: While many excuse clutter as a sign of genius, a messy office works against every principle of feng shui decor. Using the ordered principles of feng shui, a clutter-free workspace encourages creativity and supports your own feelings of accomplishment. Take a day once a week to clear out the clutter and re-energize your home office.

  3. Come up for air: If work has got you down, a breath of fresh air may be all you need to gain a second wind. The principle that clean air equals a clear mind is one of the most essential principles of feng shui. If your workspace lacks a good source of fresh airflow, an air purifier or a few well-placed house plants can refresh the air and encourage a productive work environment.

  4. Illuminate your space: Light is another important consideration of feng shui-friendly decor. If your office has no source of natural lighting, a full-spectrum lamp may be a good investment. The simulation of the sun will bring brightness to your office and enlighten your work.

  5. Set the mood with color: Choose a color that suits the nature of your work. If your day involves a lot of stressful situations, a blue wall can have a calming effect. Similarly, purple promotes healing and relaxation. Orange encourages organization and concentration, so it's a great color choice if you tend to be easily distracted. Black may be the most traditional feng shui color for an office as it suggests money, wealth, and success. A solid black wall may feel ominous, but a few black desk accessories can be striking without dominating the space.

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