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Office Electronics Checklist

by Staff Writer

Office work stations with computers and phones

Every office -- whether it is a business or a home office -- needs a few office electronics in order to function smoothly. When you are setting up your office, use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Office Electronic Essentials:

  1. Computer: Whether you need a desktop computer with lots of memory or a small laptop that you can take with you to meetings, a computer is essential to business. Once you have your computer, you can look for other office electronics that will work with it.

  2. Printers: You may need to print invoices, reports, letters, packaging labels and many other documents. Many printers can be found combined with fax machines and copiers. Combination printers will save space but may cost a bit more up front.

  3. Fax machines: Many offices need to send and receive documents with fax machines. If you need to have forms signed, then make sure you include a fax machine in your office.

  4. Copier: With a copier or scanner can make backup copies -- or as many copies as you need -- if you don't have the original document saved on your computer.

  5. Telephones: If you have a dedicated phone line for business and don't have a fax machine, a simple phone will serve your purposes well. However, if you have more than one line, and you don't always like to use your cell phone, purchase a multi-line phone. You can answer calls and receives faxes without losing business.

  6. Shredders: Shredders are vital for office security. No matter what your office is for, be sure to protect your personal and business information by shredding anything you plan to dispose of that may have personal or business information on it.

  7. Label makers: Keep file folders, shelves and drawers more organized by clearly labeling them.

  8. Calculators: Keep your numbers balanced with a calculator. A calculator is handy to have around even if you do most of your number-crunching in a spreadsheet.


  1. Don't forget to pick up extra ink and toner cartridges for your printers, fax machines and copiers, including both black and color ink.

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