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Mother's Day Craft Ideas

by Lindsay Wilcox

Whether you're looking for simple crafts your kids can make for their grandmother or something more advanced you can make for your mom, wife, sister, or friend, these craft ideas will make heartfelt Mother's Day gifts, and there is something for every skill level.

Craft Ideas for Mother's Day:

  1. Make a paper bag scrapbook. If you're short on time and craft supplies, look no further than your kitchen for inspiration. Brown paper bags for school lunches make a great miniature scrapbook kids can give to their mother or grandmother as Mother's Day gifts. To make one, place paper bags on top of each other, alternating the ends, and fold the stack in half. Punch holes along the left side of the stack to make the spine. To finish it off, lace ribbon through the holes in a zigzag pattern, or tie individual bows in the holes. Decorate your scrapbook with pretty scrapbooking paper, fabric, stickers, and other craft supplies, and then glue photos and mementos inside. The alternating pages of the scrapbook also allow you to store other photos in the "pockets" formed by the paper bags.

  2. Create a handmade card. With cardstock, paper, and a few stamping tools, you can create a beautiful card that will make your mom proud. Fold cardstock crisply to the desired size and begin stamping and sketching. Use yarn to create looping daisies, scrap paper for grass, and buttons for the flowers' centers to make a textured card perfect for spring. Be sure to write a heartfelt note inside. Involve your kids in the card-making process, so they can create fun cards for Mom and Grandma.

  3. Craft a photo collage. If your mom loves to display pictures of her family, homemade photo collages will make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Use your card-making supplies and cut three or more pieces of colorful cardstock to a desired size. Punch holes in the top and bottom of each sheet. Next, glue school portraits and family photos to the sheets, adding stickers, buttons, scrapbooking paper, and other embellishments. Laminate the sheets to protect them from dust and wear, and use either colored paper clips or durable cording to tie the cardstock together. Tie a loop of pretty ribbon to the top of your wall hanging, so Mom can display it anywhere.

  4. Stick to stylish magnets. Let Mom hang kids' artwork, photos, flyers, and more on the fridge with colorful handmade magnets. To make them, buy clear glass gems, found with glass-crafting supplies, and cut photos, stickers, scraps of photo paper, and old magazine ads to fit neatly behind the gems. Glue the desired shape onto a gem using a clear glue stick, making sure the image shows up clearly. Finish by attaching small, round magnets to the back of the gems with a hot glue gun. For a fun twist, spell the word "Mom" with magnets or create magnets with photos of her favorite flowers. Wrap the magnets in tissue paper and place them in a pretty box for a handmade gift she's sure to love.

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Updated March 4, 2015