Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts



A wedding anniversary, whether the first or the twenty-fifth, is a milestone worth celebrating. Giving a thoughtful gift to your partner is a wonderful way to show affection and commemorate the time you've spent together. Finding the perfect gift isn't always easy, especially if you've been giving each other gifts for decades. Where do you look for new ideas? This list is the best place to start. Each gift idea has a link to the department where you can shop for the items.

In England, during the Victorian era, celebrating anniversaries with gifts and parties became very fashionable, and it didn't take long for the trend to reach the United States. The traditional list of anniversary gift ideas came from this time. Then, in 1937, a group of jewelers decided to update the list to include more modern items (and more items that they sold in their stores -- diamonds show up on the list three times). That's where this list of modern wedding anniversary gifts came from. Many items from the original list appear here, and we've offered even more contemporary interpretations of the ideas. If you want to give a creative gift, you can use this list as inspiration.

For even more anniversary gift ideas, be sure to read our guides to traditional wedding anniversary gifts and anniversary gemstones.

Modern Anniversary Gift List:

Year Gift Gift Ideas
1st Clock Wall and desk clocks »
2nd China Dinnerware »
Porcelain figurines »
3rd Crystal or glass Glassware »
Crystal necklaces »
4th Appliances Kitchen appliances »
Large appliances »
5th Silverware Flatware »
Culinary art prints »
6th Wood Wood furniture »
Wood handmade jewelry »
7th Desk sets Desk organizers »
Desk pads »
8th Linen or lace Bed linens »
Lace lingerie »
9th Leather Leather business cases »
Leather handbags »
10th Diamond jewelry Diamond earrings »
One-of-a-kind jewelry »
11th Fashion jewelry Fashion jewelry »
Designer jewelry »
12th Pearls Pearl necklaces »
Pearl earrings »
13th Textiles Fashion bedding »
Rugs »
14th Gold jewelry Gold earrings »
Gold charms »
15th Watches Men's watches »
Women's watches »
20th Platinum Platinum rings »
Platinum earrings »
25th Silver Sterling silver jewelry »
Sterling silver flatware »
30th Diamond Diamond bracelets »
Diamond men's jewelry »
35th Jade Jade jewelry »
40th Ruby Ruby rings »
Ruby earrings »
45th Sapphire Sapphire rings »
Sapphire earrings »
50th Gold Gold rings »
Men's gold jewelry »
55th Emerald Emerald rings »
Emerald earrings »
60th Diamond Diamond rings »
Diamond necklaces »

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