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Maegan Crandall

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Maegan Crandall specializes in content about jewelry, watches, gifts, and entertaining. She has been creating online content since 2009.

Guides by Maegan Crandall:

  1. How to Give Black Hills Gold Jewelry Bring the romance of gold to your ensemble with Black Hills gold jewelry. This stunning jewelry offers gold lovers a range of colors in beautiful, nature-inspired patterns.

  2. Why You Need Men's Gold Rings If you're looking to invest in men's jewelry that will never go out of style, consider men's gold rings. When shopping for men's rings, you will find a variety of stylish options.

  3. How to Wear Brooches If you're looking for an easy way to add femininity and individuality to a T-shirt or a quick way to add flair and elegance to an old handbag, consider purchasing a new brooch.

  4. Top 5 Celtic Necklaces If you ever feel like all of your outfits are the same and that they look a little too much like those that your friends and co-workers wear, then it's time for some new jewelry.

  5. How to Layer Crystal Bracelets Crystal bracelets are available in range of styles, which will tempt you with their vibrant colors and unique patterns.

  6. Shopping for Jewelry: Rings with Style A band of gold or silver around the finger has been a jewelry custom since the day when precious metals were first discovered.

  7. Best Cubic Zirconia Bracelet Styles Luxury bracelets are true indulgences. If you're looking for a great way to add luxurious, sparkling gems to your jewelry collection without breaking the budget, consider cubic zirconia bracelets.

  8. Best Diamond Jewelry and Watches for a Versatile Wardrobe Everyone deserves a little shine to accent their favorite casual and formal outfits. Diamonds are a striking fix for bland style and can fit into any wardrobe seamlessly.

  9. Best Charm Styles to Give as Gifts Use jewelry to show how well you know a person. Giving charms on special occasions will impress friends and romantic partners.

  10. How to Buy a Discount Watch You can choose from many watches in the luxury categories, and there are plenty of cheap watches to choose from, but what if you want to buy watches that are stylish and will last a long time without stretching out your budget?

  11. Wine Pairing Tips Wine pairing is the key to a great dinner party or a delicious late meal for one. Plenty of comprehensive wine guides exist to turn you into a connoisseur, but it simply isn't necessary to study all night.

  12. How Watches Work Watches usually appear simple, but they are actually very complex. Even basic watches contain over 130 parts and more complex watches can have over 1,000 essential pieces.

  13. Best Necklaces by Season Keep your look interesting by trying new jewelry to match the changing seasons. Necklaces offer a stunning range of variety, making them perfect for a rotating wardrobe.

  14. Best Discount Watches to Give as Gifts Everyone needs a reliable way to keep track of time, and watches can also be very fashionable accessories. When you buy watches as gifts, it is important to consider the recipient's tastes, style and interests.

  15. FAQs about Amethyst Jewelry If a jewelry box full of colorful gemstones is your desire, then consider amethyst jewelry. Amethysts bring bright purple hues to the jewelry world, making them popular in designer collections and handmade pieces.

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Updated February 3, 2015