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Jen Gustavson specializes in content about apparel, baby products, home decor, sports, and toys. She has been creating online content since 2010.

Guides by Jen Gustavson:

  1. How to Find the Perfect Running Shoe With these tips, you'll have no trouble finding the running shoes that will keep you going for miles.

  2. Women's Fragrances for Every Occasion Learn which notes make the best women's fragrance for work, parties, dates, and other occasions.

  3. How to Work Power Foods into Your Diet Some foods pack a nutritious punch, offering energy, immunity, and protection against disease.

  4. How to Repaint a Bathroom Cabinet Follow these steps to repaint your cabinet and revitalize your bathroom.

  5. Cheesecake Checklist Create and serve the perfect cheesecake with these tips.

  6. How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Follow these steps to make your home summer-ready.

  7. Summer Outdoor Safety Tips Before you head out on the lake or down the trail, it's important to review your summer safety plan.

  8. Essential Emergency Items to Have in Your Car When the road gets rough, this list of emergency essentials will ensure you're ready for anything.

  9. How to Make a Gift Hamper for Your College-Bound Kid Give your new college student the comforts of home away from home with these gift-hamper ideas.

  10. FAQs about Changing Your Address Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about changing your address here.

  11. How to Save Money on Dinner Read about some easy, and cost-effective, ways to bring the restaurant experience home.

  12. How to Make Bread with Less Dough With these tips, you'll be making delicious loaves of homemade bread on a dime in no time.

  13. How to Master the Art of Wine Pairing Become a culinary connoisseur with these easy wine-pairing tips.

  14. The Top 5 Makeup Myths Take the mystery out of makeup application. This guide separates makeup fact from fiction.

  15. Office Feng Shui Create a harmonious workspace with these easy tips.