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How to Wear Necklaces with a Casual Style

by Maegan Crandall

A laid-back girl wearing a red and silver necklace

A necklace is the perfect casual accessory. The right necklace won't overpower a simple outfit, but it can add some sparkle and style. These necklaces are perfect for wearing on the weekends or when hitting your favorite dive bar with a few friends.

Best Necklaces for Casual Styles:

  1. Long necklaces: Long necklaces are very trendy, but many of them can overpower your jeans and T-shirt combo. To wear necklaces casually, look for thin, delicate chains and opt for novelty pendants. A cool peace sign hanging from an uncomplicated silver chain will add your personality to an outfit without being overwhelming. Stick with pendants that mean something to you when crafting a casual look.

  2. Short necklaces: Short necklaces frame your face with sparkle and color. Some short necklaces add too much shine to a casual ensemble, however. When shopping for short necklaces to pair with jeans, consider simple necklaces with understated designs. Delicate link chains with small pendants will accessorize T-shirts without being overwhelming.

  3. Layering: Layering jewelry is often the best way to achieve the look you desire. Layering several necklaces can create a fun look for a formal event or cocktail party, but loads of necklaces may be too much for most casual settings. You can still layer necklaces when dressing casually, however. Choose necklaces with minimal design and layer pieces in the same design family. Three pretty gold chain necklaces with small and unassuming pendants will add just the right amount of trendy sparkle to an informal outfit.

  4. Beads: Beaded necklaces are very versatile. When accessorizing jeans and cargo pants, choose necklaces with petite beads. Many necklaces feature just a few beads evenly spaced on a simple chain. These necklaces are perfect for wearing with casual ensembles.

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