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How to Wear Gold Pendants

by Maegan Crandall

A seemingly endless collection of gold necklace pendants hanging in an open market

It's easy to wear jewelry around your neck, and necklaces can be had in any budget, style and size. Gold necklaces are fun because they offer such a lovely, sparkling, unique appearance. Gold pendants and charms can be hung from shiny gold chains, simple leather strings, beaded necklaces and charm pendants. Gold pendants let you express your interests, religion, cultural ties and identity on a gold necklace of any length and style. You can wear one beautiful and delicate gold pendant on a simple chain or layer several gold charms on your favorite hemp necklace. Add stunning gold charms and pendants to your gold jewelry collection.

Wearing Gold Pendants:

  1. Make it routine: Gold jewelry is durable, and most gold jewelry pendants offer a versatile style. If you feel sentimental about your gold pendants or if you feel that your jewelry pendants represent your identity, you can wear them every day. If you wear your gold pendants on a durable gold chain, you can leave them on all the time. Wearing a piece of signature jewelry is a great way to personalize each fashion look.

  2. Layer your gold: Gold charms and pendants can easily be layered for lots of sparkle and shine. Try a charm pendant, which is a plain circular or square pendant that you can hang various gold charms from. Decorate your charm pendant with lots of gold and string it onto your favorite gold chain. Many gold chains also have room for multiple gold charms. Choose a gold necklace with wide links and purchase charms with individual clasps so you can add and remove gold charms to your necklace quickly and easily.

  3. Try two-tone: Yellow gold is luxurious, but many women find that their jewelry box is dominated by silver, platinum and white gold pieces. Two-tone gold pendants incorporate both yellow gold and white gold. Two-tone gold charms and pendants allow you to wear your yellow gold jewelry with your silver and white gold jewelry while avoiding a clash of colors. Two-tone gold bracelets, rings, watches, earrings and chains are also available. Add plenty of shiny metal to your style with two-tone gold pieces.

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