How to Wear Claddagh Rings

by Lauren Vork

In addition to being beautiful and rich with history, Claddagh rings are also practical; a woman can wear this Celtic ring in a specific way to convey her relationship status or her romantic intent. The ring's design features two hands holding a heart from either side, with a crown atop the heart. It symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. Make sure you send the right message with your Claddagh ring by following these tips.

Wearing a Claddagh Ring:

  1. As a wedding ring: These Celtic rings have been popular as wedding rings for centuries. In fact, according to one legend of the ring, the very first one was given as a wedding ring. To indicate that you are married, wear your Claddagh ring on your left hand, with the point of the heart pointing at your wrist.

  2. As an engagement ring: Like the traditional engagement ring, a Claddagh ring on your left hand tells the world that you are romantically taken. If you are giving one as an engagement ring, look for one that is accented with diamonds. To indicate that you are engaged, wear the Claddagh ring the point of the heart toward your fingertips.

  3. As a symbol of hope: Claddagh rings are fun to give to friends, especially when you want to encourage your friends to open their hearts to love. Read about Claddagh ring trends to help you find the right one to give to your friends. Tradition states that wearing your Claddagh ring jewelry on your right hand with the point of the heart pointing toward your fingertips means that you are looking for a relationship.

  4. As a promise ring: Because Claddagh rings are so symbolic, they make meaningful, romantic gifts that show your commitment. Look for one that has an inscribed message about your promise, or choose one with colorful gemstones. If you have received a Claddagh ring as a promise ring, you'll want to wear it in a way that indicates you are in a relationship. Wear your Claddagh ring on your right hand, with the point of the heart pointing toward your wrist.

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Updated February 13, 2015