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How to Wear Belly Ring Chains

by Maegan Crandall

A row of six shiny belly ring chains

A belly ring adds a little extra something to any outfit. You can dress it up even more with a shimmery gold or silver belly ring chain. Belly chains can attach to belly rings or be worn on their own to draw attention to your midsection. Many styles exist to enhance your wardrobe; use these tips to try this daring jewelry style.

Wearing Belly Chains:

  1. With jeans: Low-rise jeans leave your belly button exposed, allowing you to show off your favorite body jewelry. Belly chains sit gracefully above the waistband of low-rise jeans, adding glitter to a basic outfit. Pair the jeans and belly ring chain with a crop top for a fun yet casual vibe.

  2. With chandelier earrings: Belly ring chains make a big statement, so you don't want to wear them with a set of long necklaces, stacks of gold bangles and a dramatic cocktail ring. Earrings will nicely balance a belly chain, however. You can wear your boldest pairs of gold and gemstone chandelier earrings with belly ring chains without looking like you are weighed down with jewelry.

  3. With bikinis: Show off a belly chain by wearing it with your favorite bikini. Belly ring chains made of gold are safe to wear in the swimming pool, though you may prefer to lounge poolside in your cutest swimwear and prettiest body jewelry.

  4. Without a pierced belly button: You don't have to have a pierced belly button to wear a belly chain. Some belly chains hug your hips just right, so they don't need to be clipped onto a belly ring to stay in place. Try layering several different belly chains for a textured style with loads of sparkle.

  5. With a full body chain: If you love belly chains, then expand the look with a full body chain. Body chains may wrap around your belly, your arms and your neck, creating a very dramatic style. Wear a full body chain with swimwear or lingerie for the full effect.

  6. Decorated with charms: You can clip charms onto your belly ring chains to add whimsy, novelty and personalization. Customize your favorite belly chains with gemstone charms and detailed gold pendants.

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