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How to Wear a Skirt Suit



Skirt suits are long-standing classics in women's fashion and a favorite for business wear. Whether you're wearing one for the office, an interview, or a dinner with friends, a skirt suit can make a good impression when worn well. From fit to accessories, these tips will help you choose the right skirt suit and decide how to wear it.

Wearing a Skirt Suit:

  1. Back to basics: Every woman needs a few basics to anchor her wardrobe, and that includes a classic skirt suit. Basic neutrals, like black, grey, or tan, are versatile enough to wear both inside and outside of the office. Look for classic cuts as well, like a tailored jacket and pencil skirt. These timeless styles can be dressed up or down, and the more basic a suit is, the more you can change up your style.

  2. Mix and match: If you're tired of wearing the same black jacket with the same black skirt, try mixing it up and pair the jacket with a grey skirt instead. Mixing suit separates is a trendy way to refresh your wardrobe and give you more options when you're getting dressed in the morning. The key to mixing and matching is to choose separates in a similar style and cut. As a general rule, you should keep your skirt lighter in color than your jacket, but you can switch this up with colors in the same shade range, like deep charcoal with a black skirt.

  3. In season: Dressing appropriately for the season will keep you both comfortable and chic. Look for heavier materials with lots of texture, like wool and tweed, to wear in the fall and winter. Lighter materials, like cotton and linen, can be worn in the warmer months. Similarly, the style of the skirt suit should complement the season. A longer skirt and double-breasted blazer for the winter should be swapped out for a knee-grazing skirt and single-button jacket in the summer, and darker colors can be changed out for lighter, cooler shades.

  4. Perfect fit: The key to looking chic and put-together in a skirt suit is to find one that fits you correctly, both jacket and skirt. Most important, you should be comfortable whether you're standing or sitting. If your suit bunches or pinches when you sit down, you likely need a different size. The suit should move easily with you when you sit, raise your arms, or twist. It should fall naturally back into place without needing any adjustment.

  5. Finishing touches: Wearing a skirt suit isn't just about the suit itself, but also what you wear with it. The right accessories can liven up your outfit and let your personality show through even the most conservative suits. A blouse in a bright solid or printed design brings visual interest to your outfit, as does a bold necklace in a vivid hue. Look for a classic pair of heels and a handbag that complement both each other and your suit to polish off the look.

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