How to Wallpaper Your Dollhouse


For avid collectors and kids alike, dollhouses are a source of magic and imagination. With the right decor, an ordinary dollhouse can be a miniature window to another world or time. Wallpaper is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a dollhouse of any size look like a real home. Follow these easy steps to add wallpaper and new life to your dollhouse.

Make Your Dollhouse Your Own:

  1. Get ready: Wallpaper should be the final decorative touch on the basic infrastructure of your dollhouse. It's easiest to apply all wallpaper before the dollhouse is constructed, though it's not impossible to accurately and cleanly apply wallpaper to a pre-built house. Be sure to paint all interior walls, especially the house's ceilings, prior to installing wallpaper to avoid any paint dripping onto your freshly papered walls. Wall paint and floor stain can be easily applied with a craft brush. All internal electrical work should also be complete before you paint or paper the walls.

  2. Measure and prep: Without proper measurements, it can be easy to waste pieces of wallpaper. To minimize scraps, you'll need to accurately measure each wall you plan to paper. It's best to measure the entire area of each wall, including all doors and windows, using a simple craft ruler. These areas can be easily cut out after the wallpaper is placed. A few scraps can come in handy, though, to fill in any spots that are bare due to measurement discrepancies.

  3. Paste and smooth: The application process will depend upon what kind of wallpaper you purchase. With pre-pasted paper, you'll need only a bit of water to apply it to the walls of your dollhouse. Follow the manufacturer instructions to determine the best way to activate the adhesive; it may be as simple as running a wet sponge across the back of the paper or placing the sheet in a shallow tray of water for a few seconds. For non-pasted paper, the best method is to apply wallpaper paste or glue in even strokes across the walls of the dollhouse immediately before application. Once the paper is applied in the right location, use a damp sponge to carefully smooth out any air bubbles or creases.

  4. Add the finishing touch: Just as in a real home, a few finishing touches really make a house feel original and authentic. Once your wallpaper is applied and dried, you can add decorative touches, such as crown moldings, window frames, curtains, and furniture.

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