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How to Use a Storage Ottoman



If you're short on space, try adding a storage ottoman to the room. Whether you need storage in your living room, bedroom, or home office, this handy piece of furniture may just be the answer. They come in a number of shapes, sizes, textures, and materials so you can easily match them to any room's decor. Here are some tips on using a storage ottoman.

Using a Storage Ottoman:

  1. Use your ottoman as a footrest. Put your feet up and unwind after a long day by watching TV, enjoying a good book in your living room, or thumbing through a magazine in your bedroom. The soft cushions will be sure to help you relax faster.

  2. Use your storage ottoman for extra seating. Living rooms and family rooms often require additional seating during entertaining events. Make sure everyone can join the party with enough seating. The cushioned tops of storage ottomans are comfortable and designed to handle the usage.

  3. Store DVDs, video games, or CDs. If you've run out of room in your storage racks or towers, stash the extras inside storage ottomans. The space inside is perfect for stacking the CDs, games, or DVDs in neat rows, and the sturdiness of the ottoman serves as good protection.

  4. Stash books or magazines in it. You'll be able to fit quite a few inside. Take advantage of the storage for a quick pickup when unexpected company arrives. Simply open up your ottoman and toss your miscellaneous books, magazines, and newspapers inside.

  5. Keep an extra pillow and a light blanket inside. Never mind messing up your nicely made bed with these additional items. After all, you probably won't need them every night. For the nights you do, however, your storage ottoman keeps your pillows and blankets close by and easily accessible.

  6. Use a storage ottoman to stash extra craft supplies. Skeins of yarn, extra knitting needles, scrapbooking supplies, fabric, and more will be out of sight yet very easy to access when stored inside an ottoman. Keep them inside the ottoman that matches your living room chair for easily accessible craft projects.

  7. Store shoes and other accessories. Are your shoes spilling out of your closet? Do you have more scarves than you can keep in a drawer? Tuck them neatly into a storage ottoman, and you won't have to see them until you're ready to get them out and wear them.

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