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How to Throw a Golf Disc

by Steve Silverman

Man playing disc golf

Disc golf may not be a mainstream sport, but it is a creative lawn game that allows golf disc throwing to become a competitive sport. Disc golfers learn how to throw their discs for distance and accuracy and also learn to develop touch on shorter shots. It takes a keen mind and excellent coordination to become competitive at outdoor play and lawn games such as disc golf.

Throwing a Golf Disc:

  1. Choose the right golf discs for your game. Golf discs come in a variety of weights and sizes and can be purchased individually or in sets. When you are just starting out in the game, it is best to purchase a lighter disc because it will fly straight and glide a long distance. Once your skill has developed, you can add discs of different sizes and weights to your disc golf arsenal.

  2. Drive the disc down the course by making sure your four fingers are under the edge of the disc. You can take a four-step run-up, and as you reach the tee area, you will extend the disc back and then bring your arm forward. The disc needs to rip out of your hand and not slip out of it. Let it go at shoulder height.

  3. Once you've incorporated various discs into your game, use a shorter and heavier disc for a mid-range shot. You are looking for accuracy, and the heavier disc will stay straighter when you are not looking for great distance. You are not going to take anything off this shot when you let it go, but you will not take as big a run-up as you do when you are driving the hole.

  4. Keep the disc close to your chest when you are near the hole and in the process of "putting" to the hole. A putting disc is generally smaller than the other discs, for straight, short shots. Keep the nose of the disc pointed down when you are going for the hole. Keep your knees bent and your muscles loose in order to deliver a precise shot to the hole.

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