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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

by Tiesha Whatley

Pink, blue and purple sewing machine thread

Your new sewing machine is sure to become one of your prized possessions. With a sewing machine, you can create clothing, home decor items, gifts and crafts easily and affordably. One of the first things you will need to learn about sewing is how to thread your sewing machine. Threading a sewing machine is simple with a bit of practice. Be patient with yourself as you learn to thread your sewing machine and try not to get flustered if it doesn't come naturally right away. Eventually, threading your sewing machine will be like second nature.

Threading a Sewing Machine:

  1. Prepare the machine: Sit in front of your sewing machine comfortably and turn the hand-wheel toward you until the needle is raised to its highest position. Make sure that the presser foot is raised to ensure that the thread will pass through the threading points easily and to prevent unthreading once the machine is in motion.

  2. Begin threading: First, put the thread spool on the spool pin. The spool pin is found on top of the sewing machine. If the machine has a horizontal spool pin, you will need to secure it with the provided cap. Next, pass the thread through the designated threading points. These points are located at the top of the machine casing. Continue to pass the thread down to the tension assembly, which is the device at the left side of the machine that controls the thread's flow. Pass the thread under the tension assembly and then pull it through the top left of the machine, which is the next threading point. There are two tension discs and a hook located on the left of the tension dial that the thread must pass through as well. Locate the lever at the top left portion of the machine and push the thread through it. Now, continue to pass the thread to the bottom left of the machine where the other threading points are located above the needle.

  3. Thread the machine needle: First, check your sewing machine user's manual to determine if you thread your needle from front to back or back to front. Pull the thread through the eye of the needle and pull a few inches of thread out and toward the back of the sewing machine.

  4. Thread for the bottom stitches: You will need to place a bobbin in the case below the presser foot for the bottom stitches. Open the case and fit the bobbin inside. Most bobbin cases will snap when you push the bobbin into place. Keep the end of the thread on the bobbin free to pull through the top of the case and toward the back of the machine.

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